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Autumn Term After School Club 'report'


TEAM BUILDING & GAMES  We generally start the term with this. The children learn communication, leadership, get to know their group and experience overcoming challenges together.  Discover new friends and learn something about themselves when it comes to teamwork. It’s games orientated where each game will have a goal to achieve. During points of the activity the instructors will stop and go over with the children what is working and what isn’t so they get more of an idea how to approach a challenge together. 
BUSH CRAFT FIRE LIGHTING - 6 Styles of Bush craft fire lighting way Demo Following the survival skills theme, Fire lighting and knowledge of the subject is a very useful life skill. The children are taught a basic understanding of the positive uses and the dangers that come with Fire. What they need to do be safe and where and when Fire is appropriate. The 6 styles are different methods in which a fire can be started from scratch along with what is required; Friction, Compression, Electrical, Solar, Chemical and Spark. The children get a chance to safely practise three of the six methods (weather dependent) and learn by physically doing. They should come out with more knowledge in fire safety and an understanding of lighting a fire with adults for their next camping trip!
PARACORD SURVICAL BRACELETS MAKING A calm craft style session where the children are introduced to Paracord and it’s many survival uses. They learn how to create a cobra stitch with lengths of Paracord and weave them into a wearable bracelet or key ring. The idea is that the lengths of Paracord are dramatically reduced in size and therefore easy to travel with, then easily unravelled when needed. The children get a feel for the life skill of knots, stitching and walk away with a cool survival bracelet to show off. It also helps develop patience and practicing repetition to commit to memory. 
BIRD FEEDERS    As Winter approaches it’s a good time to educate about the food chain, helping out our wildlife and natural environment. A craft style session in which the children craft their own bird feeder out of a pine cone, string and bird seed. They can either take home the creation to feed birds in their back garden or hang the feeders off tree’s in the school grounds if available. 
NERF (not at all schools)  High Energy sessions where the children either play as a team or go it alone for a variety of games. Good sessions to work on their integrity, team work and hand eye coordination. 
BEACH HUT ADVENT CALENDAR  Creating a decoration to include in the Beach Hut Hove Advent Calendar 2017. Participating in a community event, the chance to see their decoration in lights displayed to count down Christmas. Date 7th December, Beach Hut 177.
CIRCUS SKILLS  A variety of Circus equipment for the children to have a go on and learn some new skills.  All about improving hand eye coordination and introducing the children to different concepts of toys to play with and skills to learn. Free play style where the instructors demonstrate how to use each piece of equipment and then engage with the children whilst they use them.Teaching them how to improve and setting fun challenges for them to aim towards. 
WHITTLING   For many the first time ever whittling. Taught the safe way of doing it using the right equipment and then left to craft out their own pieces to be used in the following weeks KUBB game. Chiildren leave with an understanding of the skill / hobby of whittling and having created a piece of equipment to then be the main feature in an ancient Viking game. 

THE VIKING GAME OF KUBB  An ancient Viking game lawn game with a great backstory! The children work as teams to tactically defeat the other team using their own whittled sticks to try and knock over the opponents pieces and the king. Employs the children to work together and logically think whilst having fun.  
HARRY POTTER QUIDDITCH – JK ROWLING OUR FEATURED AUTHOR THIS TERM  Each child has a role to play based upon the magical game in the Harry Potter series. Using the equipment provided they will “fly” broomsticks and try to score as a team. There is also the golden snitch to add to the excitement. All about creativity, teamwork and ball skills. 
AIR TOYS   Similar to Circus but different types of equipment and toys on selection. A free play style session again with the instructors engaging and using the equipment with the children. Hand eye coordination and a lovely chance for the children to interact and bond with the other children and their instructor in a less structured way.  

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