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"Brighton’s Best Fun with the Outdoors Project!"

We invited Brighton family travel blogger One Tiny Leap to come along with her son and review one of our Holiday Clubs in Brighton.

Here is what she had to say...


"If you have an outdoors-y or adventurous child, or if you think your child could do with being outside a bit more then this is for you.

OUR MORNING BEGAN BRIGHT AND EARLY. My son, eager to begin his holiday activity, was dressed and ready to go by 8am – slightly unusual! He was excited, anxious and curious to see what this was all about. We arrived at the meeting place at 10am, to find a group of excited kids (and parents!) who despite the rain were all geared-up for the day ahead.

The instructors got all the children in the mood, playing zombie games and tag. The kids started making friends, and played along full of energy and laughter. I’m not quite sure what happened next, but it looked fun from where I was standing hiding from the rain. They were spending time wandering around the park, looking at the leaves on trees, the squirrels, the pond, and shouting out answers to questions, so there was clearly an educational aspect to the day beyond playing zombies.

When I returned to the park after lunch, they were playing nerf games, and quite honestly having the time of their lives. They all seemed to be absolutely loving it in spite of the weather. They were attuned to their surroundings, exploring the park, playing in mud – probably rather cold, but most importantly to me as a parent, the kids were all smiling, as were the instructors. Positive energy despite what I imagine was quite a tough (physically) day with the rain and mud – awesome. "

Our thanks to One Tiny Leap for the kind words. To read the review in full visit One Tiny Leap

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