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Clubs starting again in January

Places are limited and booking up quickly so get in touch as soon as possible if you would like a place for your child.

Starting dates for each school as follows, further information on the clubs for each school can be found here.

SOMERHILL Monday 20th Jan
ALDRINGTON Monday 27th Jan
SALTDEAN Monday 27th Jan
HERTFORD Monday 20th Jan
GLADWIN 2 Tuesday 28th Jan
ST. MARTINS Tuesday 21st Jan
STANFORD Tuesday 21st Jan
DOWNS Tuesday 28th Jan
ST. LUKE'S 1 Tuesday 25th Feb
DAVIGDOR Wednesday 29th Jan
ST.JOHNS Wednesday 15th Jan
ST. BARTS Wednesday 29th Jan
ST. MARY'S Wednesday 29th Jan
ST. LUKE'S 2 Wednesday 26th Feb
WALLANDS KS1 Thursday Jan 30th
WALLANDS KS2 Thursday Jan 30th
ST BERNS Thursday Jan 16th
GLADWIN 1 Thursday Jan 30th
FAIRLIGHT Thursday Jan 30th
ST LUKE'S Thursday 27th Feb
GOLDSTONE 1 Friday 7th Feb
GOLDSTONE 2 Friday 7th Feb
WESTDENE 1 Friday 28th Feb 
WESTDENE 2 Friday 28th Feb