WHERE AND WHEN DO WE RUN OUR CLUBS? Clubs run 10am to 3pm in the following locations: 

* The Outdoors Project Basecamp @ The Macs Farm, Ditchling
* St. Ann’s Wells Gardens, Brighton & Hove
* Hove Park, Brighton & Hove
* Stanmer Park, Brighton

* Goring Gap, Worthing
* Rainbow Wood, Small Dole
* Buckingham Park, Shoreham

* Lockleaze Adventure Playground, Bristol
* St. Andrews, Bristol & Oldbury Court, Bristol


WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING?  A sense of adventure, children, packed lunch, water and suitable clothing (sturdy shoes not flip flops),  sun cream/hat &/or  waterproof as appropriate for weather.

AGE  Park Clubs are suitable for children aged 5 - 12.  Please note Base Camp @ Ditchling is Age 6+.  IMPORTANT info re. Nerfegeddon and Fortnite Special days.  Please ensure your child enjoys this activity and that this is the day for them.  We strongly advise Age 6+ for these days due to Nerf being of a more competitive nature.

A TYPICAL DAY  On Arrival you’ll be asked to sign in your child, we’ll check your emergency contact details and will make a note of any information you want to share with us. You’ll collect a bib and the children join the instructors to play games whilst all the children are signed in. Once all signed in children will be split into groups usually from little to large. They will be asked if they’d like to switch group, they can be in whichever group they want to be with their older/younger friends/siblings. The instructors will stay with the group for the day, moving from activity to activity. There will be water and toilet breaks throughout the day and hand washing before lunch break.

WHAT WE DO  Every day is different, we run specific activities in small groups throughout the day - games, learning skills, communicating, making, playing.   A non competitive environment, with activities throughout the holidays to suit everyone from the quiet and methodical to the more loud and lively.  At Base Camp, The Macs Farm Ditchling there is a little less structure to the day - we have specific theme to the day and activities to run but there is also time for the children to explore/chose their activities, always under the guidance of the Instructors. Base Camp is part field, part woodland with a permanent outdoor classroom, fire pit, mud kitchen, hammocks, parachute shelter and plenty of space for exploring, learning and adventures!




We love to accomodate everyone but please do make sure to check the activity for the day prior to booking and that it's a good fit for your child as to get the most out of the day. Once with us they will be expected and encouraged to participate in the planned activity all day so to avoid any dissapointment please check first.

LUNCH  All groups eat lunch together. Our Gazebos are set up and children sit with instructors and their friends for lunch.

HOME TIME  At the end of the day the children will be asked not to leave until they have been signed out to the pick up person named on the register (any last minute changes to pick up, please do let us know or we may need to contact the named person before the child is released from our care)

STAFF  All our staff are DBS checked and we have first aid trained instructors at every club.

HOW DO I BOOK & PAY?  You can do this at our website.   Hit the BOOK NOW button and follow the steps to register for the club and pay online, a confirmation email with full details of your booking will be sent to you.

Prices differ for locations, please see the Holiday Clubs page. for more info

This Summer in support of Snailway campaign The Outdoors Project will donate 50p from every Brighton Summer Holiday Club booking to the Martlets Hospice.    #BEMORESNAIL 


Our mission is to encourage kids to spend quality time outdoors and gain all the benefits from doing so!   If it takes mentioning a video game to get them there then so be it!!

Our Fortnite Special is based on the popular computer game and we’ll be incorporating elements from the game into REAL life in the REAL outdoors.  

We set the scene.  We’re on Earth, a worldwide storm causes 98% of the world's population to disappear and zombie-like creatures (husks) rise to claim the rest.

The day is a mixture of team work, strategy, base building and Nerf battles. The children must work in teams to “scavenge” resources & weapons that can be used to build fortifications, set traps and protect themselves from other “squads” roaming the area. The squads that do best are those that work as proper teams. In the initial stages there are tiny coloured cubes scattered around the area which correspond to the various blasters they can acquire. While scavenging for weapons however the squad is also supposed to be building a base and “fortifications”. The temptation is for every member of the team to run around looking for the cubes as they’re all so excited by the blasters; it’s great to see a group that builds a base and hunts for blasters simultaneously by assigning different roles to the squad’s members, these are invariably the squads who win.

Having a medic on each team also brings out qualities of bravery and selflessness. The medic is at a disadvantage during the battles because they have to use one hand to hold the medi-kit and have to leave the safety of their base to heal wounded comrades; if your medic scares easily you’re probably gonna lose!  

The aim of the game is to see which squad survives each round by the time to storm closes in. Work together, gain rewards and improve your hero status. The Storm is coming!    Which survivors will work together to last the longest? 
Ages 6+ (Due to Nerf being more competitive nature - please ensure your child enjoys this activity and that this is the day for them)    

Back 2 Basics Bush Craft
When most people hear “The Outdoors Project” bushcraft is probably the first thing that springs to mind. If you think that NERF and Water Battles can be a little too hectic for your children but they love the outdoors this is one of the sessions for you. The children will learn great new skills and have fun in a camp setting.  Within these sessions, we teach various methods of lighting fires, with an emphasis on safety of course.

The children will learn how to build a freestanding shelter to camp out in this team challenge. They will get a chance to toast smores over an open fire.  None of these activities are quick and easy, so the process teaches patience, perseverance and responsibility. The delight on a child’s face when they successfully use a striker to ignite their tinder for the first time is unforgettable.  This being The Outdoors Project, there will of course be plenty of games along the way.

The BFG Special
We love the characters the language and the story and the day is based around this favourite Roald Dahl story.
Join us in Giant Country on a snozzcumber hunt, making dream catchers, dream jars & potions. Playing Giant’s House and other giant adventure games.
Please no frobscottle drinking or whizzpoping!

Survive Jurassic Island!

Today the children learn how to survive with new skills and team work.   In May Half Term Jurassic day saw mummy T Rex, protecting her egg from cheeky children with sling-shots and ‘Dino-Dingers’ in the woods at Three Corner Copse.  We expect a return from our friend the T Rex, and we hear there’s dinosaurs roaming West Sussex and Bristol too!.

This Summer we will have crash-landed on a Jurassic Island. We must regroup and build to survive. Forage the woodland for useful items hidden amongst the trees. We will need a first aid kit, some rope, a toolbox, a weapon and some food.  Beware this land has Dinosaurs roaming on it. Choose your weapon, ensure you hit each Dino target range set up in the woods as you hone your skills and survive the Dinosaur infested island challenge.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?! This immersive session takes elements of our bushcraft and survival sessions, combines it with stealth games and target practice, and really grabs the children’s imagination.


Today is action packed, fast moving tactical and team games.  NERF is a winner for our kids. High energy and excitement goes through the roof every time. 0 to 60mph in two seconds flat. There is time for a breather in between the Nerf with team games.

Games will include:  V.I.P, Capture the Flag, Hunger Games, Zombie Apocolypse, Crystal Skull, Commando vs Crusader, Base Invasion, and more.

NERF isn’t for everyone, the darts can sting a little (all children wear googles of course), but the excitement is undeniable; take a look at the kids’ (and the instructors’!) faces mid-session if you don’t believe us! Learning to work as a team, learning to accept a result, playing by the rules and picking yourself up when you fall are lessons we all need to learn, and it’s so so much fun!
Ages 6+ (Due to Nerf being more competitive nature - please ensure your child enjoys this activity and that this is the day for them)    

Man Hunt

Yes a large group of children can move quietly when they need to and they’ve learned how!

A fun day in the woods, when the children have a chance to outwit the session leaders.
The tables have turned, think you can outsmart the instructors?  Hidden & camouflaged in the woodland are our survival experts.  The children will learn the skills of stealth, stalking, tracking, trailing and camoflage, then they’ll put those skills to the test. They need to capture and evade to win the ultimate battle of children vs Instructors.

Water Day

As it says on the ‘tin’ this is going to be a wet one.
Wet & Wild Challenges. Giant Slip & Slide and Nerf water Battles and the Grid Water Maze. Dress to get wet, bring change of clothes! This is going to be wet and wild!!

Everyone loves water fights but how often do your kids really get to go for it without potentially soaking the house or wrecking the garden? At our Water Day we’ve got the space, the water the numbers and the kit to stage water battles on a scale you will not find anywhere else. Epic.

Mega Games Day

At The Outdoors Project we’re always trying to come up with fresh and inventive ideas, but sometimes it’s our classic games and ironically the ones that use hardly any kit (Zombie Apocolypse, Capture the Flag, Dogeball) that the children remember and get most excited about.  We’ll also be teaching the game of Ultimate Frisbee and Kanjam (Americas newest Frisbee craze!).

In addition to our planned games we’ll often end up with a brand new game, created by the group on the day.  They’ll leave with library of games that they continue to play throughout the Summer in the park or family camping trips.

Gangsta Granny Heist

A day based around the great story and characters from this David Walliams’ favourite book.

The children really show their characters when there is a chance to dress up and be silly. Inspired by the David Walliams book, our spin on Gangsta Granny includes an assault course and themed games such as Grandmas footsteps.  The instructors at The Outdoors project are all big kids at heart so we enjoyed a few laughs in the office when the wigs arrived…

The children will create their very own crowns and jewellery in our nature jewellery workshop, then protect or steal them and play plenty of heist related games!

Tomb Raiders
A day of adventure. Be the next Laura Croft or Indiana Jones. Laura has been captured by a tribe of savages and the children will be set a mission to help her.   Making bows to arm themselves, find hidden maps and relics, escape the mummies tomb, avoid booby traps, navigate ancient treasure maps, carve & make your own adventurer Bow & Arrow and complete the challenges to discover the hidden relics!

Crusaders & Invaders Woodland Day

Listen out for the battle horn - the game has begun! An exciting day of evade and capture team games.
Based on the Viking Age and Norse Mythology. The enemy is coming!  The two clans (Saxon Wolves or Viking War Horses) must build and fortify their own settlements. The games will then commence, including a giant game of capture the flag, Viking Shield Wall and Ringo – be the hunted or the hunters.

Minecraft Vs Wildcraft

Bringing the wildly successful game of Minecraft to life and encouraging teamwork, imagination and creativity.
Although a working knowledge of the game isn’t necessary, fans will delight in avoiding The Creeper and collecting their elements. Build your settlement, protect it from invasion, craft weapons and equipment, and earn your reward pixels in this immersive adventure.

Farm Build Project

We have some empty space at our Base Camp site at the Macs Farm and we’re looking forward to seeing how the children will fill it?

Join us in an all-new build project at the farm. Put your stamp on the farm site in this unique opportunity. Under the guidance of our master builder we will be making giant human bird nests, building your own tree swings, group shelters and cooking delicious treats round the campfire.

We also ran this session during the May half-term holiday clubs at Macs farm. It was an opportunity for the kids to build structures and new additions to our base camp and they didn’t disappoint. We showed the group how to use hammers, hand drills and saws safely.   Amongst many structures two boys independently made an amazing bird box.


It's childcare during the holidays that they really want to go to!

My daughter has been twice so far this half term and she absolutely loves it!!! Wants to go every school holiday! Lovely people running it and varied activities. She's completely knackered at the end of the day and that alone is worth the money! Will be booking again, 100%

It’s outside, always, and involves no tech. They always come back with big grins, rosy cheeks, and a sense of fulfillment having crafted something with their own hands.

Best holiday club around.

The staff are very engaged and the most enthusiastic of all the holiday clubs we've tried!

Cannot recommend The Outdoors Project enough! My son loved it and asked if he can go on weekend as well !?

The variety of activities on offer is great. The staff are fantastic- enthusiastic, knowledgeable and in control. Doing outdoors physical activity has so many health & wellbeing benefits for my son.

I value The Outdoors Project because it is one of the only clubs my son asks to go to. It is superb because he is excited to go and would go most days if he could. It takes away some of the guilt about having to put your kids in holidays clubs because you are work, as he would choose to go if possible most days of the year!

It’s Amazing! Social skills, leadership , always different themes, learn to be an individual!! "Best day of my life" according to my 6 year old son! Thumbs up from us!

It is fun and allows children to develop skills for life through teamwork, challenging themselves and taking risks. The staff are very encouraging and treat the children as individuals and get the best out of them.

Really nice staff, who clearly do the job because they enjoy it, and getting my child to socialise with different people, doing different activities than he normally would. Usually it's quite hard to get him to put down a book and go outside, but he really enjoys outdoors project.

My son loves the Outdoors Project! He is usually shy and reluctant to try new things but always has fun at the outdoors project. Infact, I think it is giving him a lot of confidence socially.

My kids love that it’s different to any other club. Whilst being active it is not a sports club and they love being outdoors and able to get dirty and muddy in a safe environment.

My daughter is always happy to attend and although she doesn’t always tell me what she’s been doing, it always comes out in her play!

The children have loads of fun being outside in all weathers and come back with a big smile on their faces My son loves to play and be outside, he is always calmer and more centered after outdoors project

It is fun and allows children to develop skills for life through teamwork, challenging themselves and taking risks. The staff are very encouraging and treat the children as individuals and get the best out of them.

I love how the kids are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity in order to have fun. Isla always comes away having learnt something and even if it’s been raining solid for 5 hours she’s blissfully happy!

The admin team is well organised, strong communication, passion and belief in the job. All the staff are really professional and naturally friendly with the children, and obviously passionate about their work.

Confidence-building fun, loads of exercise and fresh air, teamwork emphasis and the much documented benefits of time spent in nature for mental health. What's not to love?

My daughter always comes out of the session happy excited and having done something new, she also enjoys the games The staff are all enthusiastic and energetic - don't know how they do it!

I love the holiday club themes are different daily and the venues are all easy to get to! My son loves that he gets to run around and play outside the whole day!

Just keep doing what you are doing, because we have a very happy son and therefore very happy parents. 100% of parents who answered our survey would recommend The Outdoors Project to other parents 

Cannot recommend them enough! My son loved it and asked if he can go on weekend as well !?

Just returned from a day with the project and I am so pleased with the activities, staff, group size, well - every thing! I was fortunate enough to win the places but I will most definitely be taking the children again. Thanks guys, what you do and how you do it is awesome.

"Best day of my life" according to my 6 year old son! Thumbs up from us!

Someone else takes your kids out to get muddy and exhausted. What's not to like?

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