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New club - Wild Things!

Wild Things is an advanced adventure club for 8 – 13 year olds run by instructors Connor and Mook in Hove park. The activities are designed to pack more of a punch for an older age group, giving them more challenges and a deeper experience of Outdoors adventure activities, all whilst having fun exploring the park and woodland areas nearby. From learning to build and cook on an open campfire, to whittling your own bushcraft bow or having Water and Nerf battles!

Both instructors have a huge passion for outdoors adventure and really enjoy encouraging children to spend time following outdoor pursuits. Connor loves adventure sports including climbing, skiing, longboarding and water sports. He has worked in the USA & UK teaching children of all ages various outdoors skills and just loves to spend time adventuring and experiencing life to the full. Mook is an energetic circus performer and loves to spend time teaching children exciting ”outside the box” skills and to immerse themselves in the outside world to see a different perspective on things.  They both have worked as children’s instructors for a long time and make great role model’s to children.

The aim of the game is simple; we want to encourage building quality outdoors time into children’s weekly routine. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle and for children to explore a variety of skills, hobbies and life pursuits which they may not otherwise get the chance to experience during their school or home lives. Whether or not they continue that path later in life is up to them but trying it all whilst they’re young is the fun part! 

As technology continues to compete to gain our youngsters attention, we are competing back to help find a healthy balance. Encouraging children to spend some time in their week having fun playing outside, being imaginative and getting their hands dirty! Reconnecting children with nature, making more friends and growing confidence in themselves.

8 – 13 years old is a lovely age group but also a tricky one! They start getting older and start needing more challenging activities and environments. That’s where Wild Things comes in! We gear the activities towards this age group, promoting more freedom, less boundaries and maximising fun. Socialising and hanging out with the same age group whilst engaging in an Outdoor activity that interests them or just simply lets them go wild for a bit in a safe and chilled environment.  Smiles all round!

Our activity list this summer includes:

-          Water Battles

-          Camp fire building & Camp Cooking

-          Bow Making

-          NERF Battles – Fortnite Special

-          Rescue Survival Skills

-          Circus Skills & Slacklining

-          Woodland Man Hunt & Viking style Capture the Flag

-          Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee & Air Toys

If you’d like more inspiration or to join a growing community working to encourage more children to play outdoors then we recommend watching Project Wild Thing by the Wild Network.

Book now to become a Wild Thing!