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Why choose The Outdoor Project?

The Outdoors Project was a concept that grew from becoming increasingly concerned as a father watching my own three children spending too much time in front of screens when I knew there was so much adventure and fun to be had outside. We have now expanded beyond our Brighton home with successful franchises in West Sussex and Bristol.

We have a wealth of experience and we love what we do and feel that nature can provide reward, health, happiness and adventure.

The Outdoors Project has various revenue streams such as After School Clubs, Holiday Clubs, Birthday Parties, School Workshops & Parent Toddler Group and events, we have a solid business model ready to share and if you believe that this could be the opportunity that you have been looking for we would love to hear from you whatever your previous career background.

Joel Evans Founder of The Outdoors Project

Joel Evans Founder of The Outdoors Project

Could you be a Franchisee?

Do you love children, adventure and the great outdoors? Then join our fantastic team and take The Outdoors Project to your Area. You will be able to set hours that suit you using a tried and tested format that is fun and accessible.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a corporate or educational background, whether you are an accomplished outdoors person or a parent wanting a change, as long as you have a passion for the outdoors life and children. 

Running your own franchise enables you to be in control of your own business and working week because you choose your direction, plan your holiday clubs, after-school club classes, parties and events. Taking ownership of your area and being the face of something new and exciting within your community.

We provide a Business Format Franchising Model; a range of activities, trademarks, logos, website, booking system, marketing systems and a complete framework for setting up and expanding your business with continued regular advice, training and support.

What do our Franchisee’s say about us?


Rowan Hibbett Bristol Franchisee"After some amazing adventures & time working around the world in the adventure industry and working in the UK with a children charity for many years The Outdoors Project set a new challenge for me. Fast forward a few years and I find myself the Franchise owner for The Outdoors Project Bristol.

I have found buying a franchise a huge benefit, as so much of the ground work has been done for me, enabling me to start up the business quickly and start earning money without having to go through lengthy and costly trials and errors.

All procedures, branding, systems and paperwork were all in place so that when I started it, I really hit the ground running and had 5 full clubs within the first month of trading; with all staff having uniforms, schools having brochures and very thorough paperwork in place.

Starting up, I had a lot of involvement from the Franchiser, including a multiday visit of the premises and a visit both to my own premises and a visit from myself to the franchiser.

Going forwards I get a lot of support and advice on best practices and marketing. I get gently nudged in the right direction but am free to choose how to run my operation and in what direction"


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