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Referring The Outdoors Project to your friends is the best compliment you can give us


Sharing is Caring. Refer a friend

You can now get credit (literally!) for sharing the love.

Introduce your friends to our outdoors clubs and rosy cheeked, happy, screen free & tired kids could be around the corner for them too!



  • Make your first booking. Once you have made your first booking your unique referrer code will be emailed to you will also find your unique REFERRER CODE on the MY ACCOUNT page.
  • Share your code. When a NEW customer makes their FIRST booking using your code:
    • THEY GET £15 discount off their 1st booking
    • YOU GET £10 credit on your account
  • There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer. The more NEW customers you introduce you the more you earn. Win win!
  • Monitor your referrals. You can login to My Account to check Your Referrals credit balance, to see which of your friends has earned you credit
  • Go forth on your mission!!! Share on WhatsApp groups, Facebook pages, email...


Terms & Conditions

Our referral program is in place to introduce new customers to The Outdoors Project.  

  1. Customers are permitted to share their unique link on their own social media pages to friends, family and followers.
  2. Definition of a new customer;  the parent making their first booking with The Outdoors Project, not the child attending the club.
  3. Referral links are not to be shared on ANY coupon aggregating sites.  Posting to these pages will result in removal from the referral program.
  4. Self-referrals i.e. creating new accounts using multiple email addresses’. Exploiting our referral system for personal gain will result in being banned from the referral program and existing bookings and accounts deleted.
  5. The Outdoors Project are not under obligation to inform the participant their accounts and bookings have been deleted due to fraudulent behaviour.
  6. An Unrewarded referral has failed one or all of the above. We monitor the bookings system to detect any fraudulent behaviour such as multiple purchases from the same IP address or any other behaviour deemed fraudulent.
  7. The Discount Code shall only be redeemed on website.
  8. In no case may any of these Discount Codes be exchanged for the monetary value of the credit.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team