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We have received some great feedback from our schools and parents. Below are just a few.

We're always striving to improve and evolve what we do and would always love to hear your feedback or ideas. Whether it is for improvement or activity suggestions. So please get in touch.

The staff are all positive and active and aware of everyone’s names and concerned for their safety.

“The guys held the kids attention brilliantly. They were polite and helpful.”
Leona, Brighton (birthday party)

Leona, Brighton

“The kids had a ball and the 2 organisers were great”
Charlotte T, Brighton (birthday party)

Charlotte T, Brighton

After enjoying a few Saturday morning Bush Craft sessions at Adelaide Crescent our son knew exactly what type of party he wanted for his 7th birthday. We contacted Joel at The Outdoors Project who helped us organise the perfect party, responding promptly to our enquiry and helping us with venue suggestions. Joel organised 20 children – a task in itself – and held their attention throughout the 1.5 hours, engaging them in a series of activities including ball and running games, before the real action began! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We can highly recommend The Outdoors Project – guaranteed great fun every time.

Sam and Matt Bailey

It was a great success! It takes great skill to organize group activities; holding the attention of 20+ children. I was impressed with the way they interacted with the children, they were enthusiastic and encouraging, and the games were new and exciting. We will be getting them back to do the Bushcraft and Woodland games in October.

Alison Draper

Elm Grove School Kids Club

We have been very impressed with The Outdoors Project and have worked with them on several occasions. They played a big part in the success of our Spring Festival this year by running Nerf Wars activities for children who attended. Great comments were received from parents regarding their experiences with The Outdoors Project and we have always found them to be very professional and reliable.

Natalie Hall

The Garden Café and The Friends of St Ann’s Well

The Outdoors Project is run by qualified and experienced staff, offering children the chance to try out new and exciting outdoor activities such as 'Nerf Wars', Archery and Bushcraft survival.  Many Somerhill children also take part in their holiday and weekend events run by the club.

Mrs. Helen Longton-Howorth

Deputy Headteacher

Somerhill School

Virtually no matter what the weather, children are outside enjoying a wide range of interesting, fun and age appropriate activities offering a blend of physical, mental and social challenge. Children learn to cooperate, work well as a team and problem solve practical solutions. The club is well run and organised and we have not experienced any club-related administrative or safety problems here at school. Well done Outdoors Project!!

Ged Cotton


Davigdor Infant School - Hove

Our little boy absolutely loves it; he loves the Nerf games, the woodland and environmental games and the fact that the clubs are run outside in all weathers. He has begged to sign up each term and is begging to have his birthday party with The Outdoors Project too.

Mrs N Ellington

Thanks so much, the kids had a fantastic time, they got a lot out of the sessions and were fully entertained as well as interacting with other young people and staff members. Looking forward to returning in the near future.

Mrs D Walters

Our daughter loved the event and playing all the different games. Your staff seemed really friendly and completely on a level with the kids. Great project, more please!

Mrs S Cave

Jess was a great leader and Rachel great helper. Jess had the perfect personality for lots of energetic 9/10 year old boys! She was very positive, strong but kind and lots of fun! They were both lovely and very positive but firm and totally in control. I was really impressed.

Angela, Brighton

It's lovely to see the children amongst nature, making discoveries, talking to each other and being so enthusiastic about their little task. (Saplings)

Our Seaside Baby, Brighton

Max has been an avid participator in The Outdoors Project since the very beginning. He loves the after school drop-in sessions where he can really burn off some steam. He always wants to sign up for the holiday clubs and this year will be the second year running he is having an Outdoors Project birthday party. There is so much variety within Joel’s activities and games, and the kids have so much fun. We can’t praise it or recommend it highly enough! The proof is in the happy, muddy kids you get back at the end of the day!

Teresa Outhwaite

(mum of Max)

Hertford Juniors children sign up term after term to take part in fun, adventurous but safe activities. They are able to take risks in a safe environment with trained staff giving them all sorts of exciting opportunities.

Joan Marshall


Hertford Junior School

“Teddy has started to talk with real pride about the skills he is learning and how much fun he is having. He likes the leaders a lot and he calls it "Survival skills" when he talks about it with grandparents etc. He loves it. Thank you.”

Louise, Bristol

Louise - Bristol