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It's increasingly difficult as parents to enthuse and encourage children away from the technology which has become such a useful but sometimes consuming part of our lives.

After working for an outdoor children’s charity, several afterschool clubs, teaching rock climbing and bush craft and having worked in the extreme sports industry for almost 9 years, I felt this was a passion that I wanted to pass on. 

From small beginnings running activity sessions in parks in Brighton we have now grown to welcoming over a thousand children per week to our clubs and are inspired and motivated by their imaginations.

We have now expanded beyond our Brighton home with successful franchises in Lewes District, East & West Sussex, Bristol, Lincoln and new in 2022, St. Albans, Havering and Nottingham West with ambitions to expand the business nationwide.

We love what we do and feel that nature can provide reward, health, happiness and adventure so come join us…

See you out there!

Joel Evans
Founder of The Outdoors Project




The Outdoors Project is a proud member of the Children's Activities Association

The Children's Activities Association gives parents a bench mark for all organised children's activities by establishing and improving consistent standards & accreditation.

Read more here: Children's Activities Association