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Covid-19: Our approach to reopening The Outdoors Project is based upon a number of factors. Safety is of course a concern for many parents and carers at the moment but by understanding the benefits of outdoors play more and by working together to help manage the risks, we can prioritise children playing together outdoors again. We recognise the importance of play for children.    

●    Ofsted Registered

●    For children aged 5 (at the start of the school year) - 12.

●    Childcare Vouchers are accepted

●    Book for 1 Day or the full week


- LANCING COLLEGE PREP (HOVE), The Droveway, Hove BN3 6LU (we will return to Lancing Whitsun 1/2 Term 2021) £32
- BASE CAMP @ THE MACS FARM, Dumbrells Court, Ditchling BN6 8TG  £35
- PARKWOOD SCOUT CAMP, Poynings Rd, Poynings, Brighton BN45 7BA. £35

AGE:  Holiday Clubs are suitable for children aged 5 (& school Year 1) - 12, our Base Camp site at The Macs Farm in Ditchling is Age 6+.   NERF Activity Days -  we strongly advise Age 7+ for these days due to Nerf being of a more competitive nature.  Please ensure your child enjoys this activity as it will be the main one of the day. 

TO BOOK:   You can book and pay online and confirmation email with full details of your booking will be sent to you.  


  • Clubs run from 10am - 3pm
  • On Arrival your adult will need to sign you in with the leader so we can check emergency contact numbers and any allergies or additional needs we need to know about to make sure your day with us is safe and fun.
  • Once signed in you’ll collect a coloured bib, put your lunch under the tents, say hi to instructors and bye to your adults and then go and get running around with a couple of woodland games like freeze tag or ferryman!
  • Once everyone has arrived and is signed in we'll get the whole group together,  introduce ourselves and tell you all about the plans for the day.
  • We will split the big group into two smaller groups.   We always make sure that you are with your friends so make sure to point out who you want to be in a group with! 
  • There will be plenty of water and toilet breaks throughout the day and hand washing before snack & lunch and breaks.

ACTIVITIES  We're all about playing outdoors whatever the weather, being silly, having fun, making new friends and learning some new skills!  On a typical day we'll have  two or three main activities based around the days’ theme.

Each activity runs for about an hour and we make sure to have plenty of play & games time in between our main activities - these can be both energetic or calmer games depending mood of the group/day! 

So if you were coming to a Bushcraft Day you might expect to do a bit of firelighting practise, shelter building, toast some marshmallows and play plenty of games!

WHAT DO YOU NEED TO BRING?  Packed Lunch & Water.  Sturdy Shoes (no flip flops and wellies encouraged in autumn & winter).  Season Appropriate Clothing - Waterproofs, Warm Clothes, Hats & Gloves or Sun Cream & Sun Hat for Summer.  A sense of adventure! 

FIRST TIME WITH US?  It's normal to be a little nervous on your first day but trust us when we say everyone who comes has SO MUCH FUN! All our instructors are really kind, friendly and there to make sure you have good time. They love to show you how to join in and will make sure to introduce you to new friends.    "You'll never be bored when you try something new. There's really no limit to what you can do!"Dr Suess. 

A BIT MORE INFO ABOUT US FOR THE PARENTS    Every day is different to keep the young ones enthused and entertained enjoying the outdoors!  Our activities are a huge mixture of gameplay, learning new skills, communication & teamwork, crafting or building, playing & creating memories to last.  A non-competitive "just for fun" environment, with something for everyone from the quiet and methodical to the loud and lively!  Activities are a mixture of children playing together or having the opportunity to find some space by themselves. We encourage a supportive and happy environment where the children can build friendships, succeed at new tasks and feel relaxed in an open green space.   We encourage physical "green" exercise throughout our gameplay to promote health and wellbeing. 

At Base Camp, The Macs Farm Ditchling there is a little less structure to the day - we have a specific theme to the day and activities to run but there is also time for the children to explore & chose their activities with the guidance of the Instructors. Base Camp is part field & part woodland with a permanent outdoor shelter, fire pit, mud kitchen, hammocks, and plenty of space for adventures!

Once with us they will be encouraged to participate in the planned activity for the day so please do make sure to check that the activity for the day is a good fit for your child prior to booking.

HOME TIME:  At the end of the day the children will be asked to sit at basecamp with their belongings and wait to be called forward by the leader.    Children will be signed out to the pickup person named on the register. Any changes to this person just let us know prior to sign out.   Please do check that they have everything they arrived with as we often end up with lost property.

FOOD POLICY  All groups eat lunch together and are monitored and encouraged to eat and drink by the instructors.   Children are reminded not to share food due to possible allergies within the group.   When our activity involves cooking on the campfire we always provide alternatives for allergies and dietary requirements.  Please alert the leader to any relevant information and medicine regarding this when signing in. 

STAFF    All our staff are DBS checked, Safeguard trained and we have First Aid trained instructors at every club.  

'ROAM' CLUB T-SHIRTS   We do have our special club member t-shirts which are available to purchase when booking your childs place. These are great for sewing patches onto! We will hand these directly to children at sign in. 

SEN CHILDREN  We are an inclusive club and fully promote the many benefits of time spent outdoors for all children. We do participate in organised activities and can operate a ratio of 1 instructor to 10 children during holiday clubs. If your child has additional needs please do get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss further to advise whether the holiday club environment is the right fit.    If your child receives one to one support at school please contact us before booking so we can look at whether we can offer the support required.