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Here are the full instructions on how to pay with childcare vouchers:

1) Choose the club(s) you want to book > book now > confirm dates

2) You will be presented with the payment page. Select your voucher provider from the dropdown menu + press 'confirm voucher booking'

3) Your screen will say "Booking complete" and you'll be sent an initial confirmation email - but this isn't the end yet!

4) Visit your voucher provider's website and make the voucher payment to us. You might need to input a code (visible in red on My Account, also on your confirmation email in black) - this will tell your voucher provider where to send the money to (i.e. your local branch of The Outdoors Project). And if possible, please include your child's name or booking ID number, to help us identify the payment.

5) Once you've paid it, return to My Account on our website and press 'Confirm voucher payment'. You'll then be sent a 2nd email confirming your payment, which secures your booking.


Please contact us if your provider is not listed above as we should be able to register with them.

Please note, Aylesbury & Thame, and Chichester & Cheltenham do not currently accept childcare vouchers, but are in the process of getting set up to accept them.