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Please Note: We are now fully booked until September but we are taking bookings for Autumn Birthday Parties!

3rd Sept -10am (BOOKED)  |  1.30pm

10th Sept - 10am (BOOKED)  |  1.30pm

17th Sept - 10am  |  1.30pm 

24th Sept - 10am  |  1.30pm 

1st Oct - 10am  |  1.30pm 

8th Oct - 10am  |  1.30pm

15th Oct - 10am  |  1.30pm


Our birthday parties can be booked on Saturdays, with 10am or 1.30pm start times. Most of our parties are held at our basecamp site in the ground of Burton Hathow Prep. However, if you would like to request a different venue, please send us the details in an enquiry and we will see if we can accomodate your request.  

Price: £14 per child

Duration: 1.5 hours of activities (2.5 hours including time for party food and cake!)

Age Range: 5-12 years 



  • Pokemon Which Pokemon Trainer are you and who will you catch?  We'll be embarking on a Pokemon adventure in the park and creating our own Pokemon or Building Pokemon balls to take home too. Along with playing Poke Ball Run & Lagori "Pokemon Stack Attack "Gotta catch them all!”
  • Harry Potter The children can whittle a magic wand (to take home of course), perfect for casting your Patronus to defeat the Dementor. Jump aboard your broomstick and catch The Golden Snitch in Quidditch or mould a magical beast: our Harry Potter parties can be adapated for all ages. By choosing a combination of crafts and games you can be sure there will be something for everyone.
  • Minecraft Vs Wild Craft Working in clans the children will create their settlements. Building materials will be provided but what else can they find in the natural setting? Reward pixels will be earnt as their settlements take shape: How will you protect your settlement? What about a water source? A fire pit? Hunting skills? Teamwork? And of course lots Minecraft inspired games, watch out for the CREEPER!


  • Among Us Based on the ever popular game, our Among Us party sees all party goers take part in a real-life mission to save our spaceship in the woods! Complete the tasks, look out for suspicious behaviour and always watch out for IMPOSTERS! 


  • Nerf Games A softer, safer and more environmentally friendly version of paintballing. Are you ready for action? High-energy and one of our more competitive actvities, our NERF parties never fail to get the adrenaline pumping! We have dozens of different scenarios up our sleeves from Bum Shots to Zombie Apocalypse and our instructors always know the best games for their groups. Please note that due to it's more competitive nature NERF parties are only bookable for 6yr olds +


  • NERF FORTNITE This party includes elements of the popular video game and combines with our usual antics in the outdoors. Build, forage and survive the apocalypse with your squad! Teams must collect resources, build fortifications, set traps and protect the remaining survivors. Search and seek out the Loot Llama to collect care packages on your way. The storm is coming!


  • Fire Lighting & Smores An Introduction to 6 ancient to modern fire lightning techniques. We'll try out flint and steel firelighting and then toast some marshmallows around the campfire!


  • Shelter Building A hands on learning of basic survival skills including Shelter Building. Once the shelters are up we've got great games to play in and around them, or perhaps we should get the water blaster out and check that they're waterproof?


  • Circus Skills and Games Learn the skills of the circus! Try out poi, diabolo, spinning plates and hula hoops before we take to the woods to play some of our favourite games! A great freeplaying festival party! 


We are outdoors year round. In the event of rain, we have several shelters and the use of fantastic heated forest yurt, however the children will be getting rained on for certain activities, eg nerf. In our experience, children are generaly unconcerned by rain but we appreciate that a shelter for parents, cakes and presents would come in handy if the foreacst is iffy. Please make sure your child and guests have suitable clothing and footwear for the outside.


We do not offer food. Many parents who book ODP parties organise a party picnic or even order a pizza delivery direct to our site! We have picnic tables set up and ready for use as well as the heated yurt, if the weather is poor. 


The Outdoors Project instructors are fully trained, and all have DBS checks, First Aid training and lots of experience with children in the outdoors! They’re energetic, enthusiastic, caring and engaging with a focus on keeping the kids entertained all day, with the main focus on FUN!