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A week in the life..

Another busy week has passed and I’d like to tell you about it...

I kicked off the week with a bubbles session at Aldrington C of E After School Club session on Monday. I couldn’t have wished for better weather for this session, sun was shining and there was hardly any wind. We made bubble wands out of string and straws which is so simple and incredibly simple, effective and  fun. The children were impressed with their new creations and ran around chasing bubbles trying to pop the biggest and best.

For th Saplings parent and toddler session this week we made disgusting sandwiches like the badger from our story. I love keeping things simple and this session couldn’t have been simpler. We gathered ingredients for our sandwiches like feathers, horse chestnut leaves, fallen petals and even made our own ‘chocolate jam’ by mixing mud and water of course. The sandwiches were (almost) good enough to eat!!


Balfour KS1 visited our Base Camp at The Macs Farm yesterday for a survival workshop. The groups have been hilarious and I’ve particularly enjoyed watching them as they pile off their coach with their school vests hanging off them, bags in hand with gleaming faces ready for mischief. The rain couldn’t dampen our spirits as we made shelters to cover us, but the kids didn’t stay dry for too long when the water pistol came out.

That takes me to today. I’m in the office as I write this as I’ve been hard at work preparing the kits for Wild Things and the birthday parties I am running over the weekend. I’m particularly looking forward to the Wild Things session as we will be making camp fires and pancakes.

Im look forward to a much needed day off on Sunday. I won’t be resting much,  I’m taking a hike to Ditchling Beacon.  Let’s hope the weathers nice as I don’t fancy a picnic in the rain...