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AFTER SCHOOL CLUB REPORT - Spring Term 2019. Find out what we've been up to this term.

Throughout the term the focus on having FUN and through this supporting mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.    The children that attend the club are full of energy, intelligence and charisma and these dynamic personalities really create a great environment for fun and learning.   There is a lot of focus on sharing praise and encouragement for effort.  During the sessions we work through problems to find solutions, help the children understand everyone has different abilities and strengths and encourage each child to make decisions for themselves. The children have shown their resilience in adverse weather conditions during the first half of term and we’ve also seen some amazing team work. 


Natural Play - Get to know the instructors and fellow club members in a creative and structured games session. Fresh air, exercise and a chance to free those young minds! Sleeping Bear & Blob tag were our new games this term. With the hibernating bear you must creep into the lair pick a coloured berry and escape without waking them or their cubs.  Blob tag is tag game of team work and laughter, join hands to create the “blob” and try to collect as many friends as possible.

Adventure Team Challenges - Many of our activities encourage teamwork and this term Hula Hoop face off was a mix between rock paper scissors & hula hoop hopping. A fun, challenging and also a bit daft! Making it perfect to learn & create teamwork. Dodgeball breakout put a new twist on Dodgeball, a creative and humorous way to bring out the different roles in within the group and encourage the children to form stronger bonds for the term ahead. 

Bush Craft -Toffee Apple Cookout. Fire was one of the most important discoveries for humankind. Keep the skill alive and learn the techniques for campfire cooking with these simple yet delicious treats and toast the perfect campfire toffee apple. 

Nerf – VIP & Loot Llama Revenge  Choose your VIPin secret and safely deliver them to the extraction point to win the game of ultimate tactics and stealth. Loot Llamarevenge is a twist on the popular video game “Fortnite” bringing elements of the video game to life with a nerf shoot out and supply drops to boot. Promoting positive “Tech” use and encouraging the children outside and away from the screens. 

Nerf is high energy and a lot of fun for either enthusiasts or those who want to give it a go. We adapt the games to suit the age and dynamic of the group. (for NON NERF school Activities see below)

Yoyo Skills & Kan Jam. Starting with the basics and moving on to the sleeper, walk the dog and rock the baby in our yoyo masterclass. Kan Jam is a popular flying disc game straight out of New York and landing right into our playgrounds! 

Edible Zombie Blood and Scab making  Teaching a simple ,safe and fun recipe for the perfect edible zombie blood. Gross out your friends and family with this tasty treat and makes the perfect party trick. Silly messy and delicious. 

James and the Giant Peach - Bring Literature to life  Join us as we explore the wonderful and strange world of Roald Dahl’s story “James and the Giant Peach”. After discussing the story we will grab our magnifying glasses and go on a playground bug hunt to see what we can discover up close. After our hunt we will create our own mini beasts out of clay. Will it be miss spider, the old green grasshopper or another of the many characters aboard the giant peach? 

Plop Trumps   An amusing twist on the popular game of Top Trumps with the aim to explore the animal kingdom, their environment and their diets. Then (after much giggling and “gross” shout outs) create your own Plop Trump card for your favourite or imagined animal and make their plops out of clay!

The below are activities that Non - Nerf participating schools have done.

Camp fire building & Marshmallow Toasting Building a solid and safe camp fire to toast those tasty camp fire treats. A relaxed session where the children get to roast marshmallows, learn a bit more about fire safety and chat around the camp fire. 

Escape from Azkaban (Harry Potter Special)  Azkaban is a fortress on an island in the middle of the North Sea, serving the magical community of Great Britain as a prison for convicted criminals. The dark wizards & witches have wrongfully imprisoned you and must sneak past the dementors and escape. Those caught by the dementor face a terrible fate but can be saved, time to practice your Patronus spell and save your friends! 

Survival First Aid Discuss and practice some basic yet crucial first aid techniques to help build confidence in what to do when faced with an emergency situation. Mixed in with plenty of humour and games to keep it light hearted yet informative. Get those bandages out and figure out how to patch up your patient. 

Morse Code Signalling. Explore the art of signalling for help in emergency situations using Morse code. Once S.O.S is mastered move on to create messages and jokes, then transmit them to your friends using your trusty torch for them to decipher your secret code. 


Summer Term 19 (April - July)  activties will include;  * Nerf * The Grid * Firelighting * Whittling *Water Battles * Hoola Hoop Face Off *Early Man Cave Painting * Bushcraft * Helicopter Launchers * Alien Invasion * Medieval Games – The Kid Who Would Be King *