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AFTER SCHOOL CLUB REPORT - SUMMER TERM 2019. Find out what we've been up to this term

Summer Term 2019 (April-July) has been lots of fun, this is what we've been up to:

Welcome Week Games  This is aget to know the instructors and fellow club members in a creative and structured games session.  Fresh air, exercise and a chance to free those young minds! Many of our activities encourage teamwork and this term Hula Hoop face off was a mix between rock paper scissors & hula hoop hopping. A fun, challenging and also a bit daft! Making it perfect to learn & create teamwork. Along with plenty of classic Outdoors Project games to keep everyone entertained. 

Adventure Team Challenges  Encouraging teamwork we played “The Grid” & “Space Invader Dodgeball”. The Grid is a memory-based puzzle game where players must figure out the safe route across the map with help from their team. One wrong step and the water blaster is deployed! Space invader dodgeball is high energy and great fun!

Bushcraft –Solar Fire Lighting  Exploring different survival skills developed across humankind. We discussed and experimented with power of the sun to see if we could create an ember using the tools and tinder provided. Magnifying glasses, parabolic mirrors and the “clingfilm and water trick” were all good fun to explore on a sunny day.   

Nerf – Capture the Flag & Search & Destroy  Work as a team to complete the mission – destroy the other teams base before they get to yours – pick your roles and off we go! Nerf is high energy and a lot of fun for either enthusiasts or those who want to give it a go. We adapt the games to suit the age and dynamic of the group.  (Nerf at participating schools only, for NON NERF school Activities see below).

Early Man Sabre Tooth Tiger & Mammoth Tusk Whittling  Discussing these incredible prehistoric creatures & their unique qualities, then taking freshly cut hazel and learning how to safely use a blade to carve our own tusks & sabre teeth. A relaxing and nature craft based activity.  

Nature Impressions  Taking the time to sit down and appreciate the beautiful patterns that grow within nature. Scavenging for unique fallen leaves and flowers to imprint into clay to cut out and take home to decorate. 

Helicopter Launchers & Air Toys  Learning how to craft and decorating these simple yet effective high-flying toys. We will also provide plenty of frisbees, howlers and various other fun flying things to play with. 

King Arthur Medieval Games  Lords of the Round Table Hammer & Nail Game is an amusing historic game of skill played by warriors and the like many moons ago. The Excalibur game will involve brave the Knights Of The Round Table trying to rescue Excalibur and using it to banish the witches & warlocks from the lands! 

Early Man Cave Painting  Learning how to mix natural dyes and using them to paint our own stories of life 10,000 years ago.  

Water Day  Water based fun! Whether blasting away in some epic games of capture the flag or completing water-based team challenges, this day is going to be full of excitement in the summertime. 

Squirrel Uprising  Squirrels have to work together to outsmart the fox’s and hide their stash of food for the winter. However, those crafty foxes must try to stop them. A high energy game of wits and amusement. 

Alien Invasion  Humans must defend the Earth & the solar system from those pesky alien invaders. Aliens have one mission – DESTROY! 

Non - Nerf schools Camp fire building & Marshmallow Toasting Building a solid and safe camp fire to toast those tasty treats. A relaxed session where the children get to roast marshmallows, learn a bit more about fire safety and enjoy the atmosphere of camp fire.