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Autumn Term 18 After School Club 'report'



Read about what we’ve been up to this term.  Throughout the term we focus on essential life skills including resilience, compassion, team work and competitiveness these skills are supported in a variety of ways throughout the term.

Natural Play  Get to know the instructors and fellow club members in a creative and structured games session.  Fresh air, exercise and a chance to free those young minds! Man Hunt Special was our new game this term, with Fugitives vs Detectives! Children were selected in secret to be the crafty criminals who had to outwit the detectives by collecting all the essential items and escaping. The detective’s job was to figure out who they are and bring them to justice!

Team Building  Many of our activities encourage teamwork and the Toxic waste challenge this term helped develop this further. The group had to work together to figure out how to transport the “toxic” waste from the reactor to the cooling tower using the tools provided without coming into contact with it, dropping it or touching the reactor floor. A creative and humorous way to bring out the different roles in within the group and encourage the children to form stronger bonds for the term ahead. 


Bush Craft– Ancient Methods of Fire lighting  Fire was one of our most important discoveries but before matches and gas-powered stoves how did our ancestors cope? We take a journey into the original methods of fire, how it became such an essential tool and practise these techniques to see if we can still master them.  


Nerf – Zombie Apocalypse (Selected Schools only)  Zombies vs Survivors! Each player was given a role in secret and goes off to hide in the play area. Once the countdown ends the players are revealed, the zombies may have tricked their surviving friends and zombified them or the survivors were thinking survival tactics and found ways to outlast the oncoming apocalypse. Nerf is high energy and a lot of fun for either enthusiasts or those who want to give it a go. We adapt the games to suit the age and dynamic of the group. 


Survive Jurassic Island  Flossy the mother T-Rex was on the loose and thought the group had stolen the eggs from her nest! The children had to scout the area and safely return them to her nest without getting spotted. After flossy returned to her nest content, we then took some time to craft dinosaurs and dinosaur footprints to take home. A craft & games based session which brought out a lot of creative ideas as well as flossy the inflatable dinosaur invoking a lot of laughs. 


Gangsta Granny  Based on the popular David Walliams Book involving Ben and His Granny AKA the “Black Cat” Thief. Depending on age group the children either crafted their very own crown jewels, mixed with nature to take home or played the Tower of London heist game, where they worked together to attempt to steal the crown jewels without getting caught by the guarding beef eaters!   


Camp fire building & S’Mores A delicious camping treat! We finished off camping season in style by building a solid and safe camp fire to toast those tasty camp fire treats. A relaxed session where the children get to roast marshmallows, learn a bit more about fire safety and chat around the camp fire.


Stalking Workshop  A look into the fascinating world of the animal kingdom and the important skills of hunting, hiding, camouflage and stealth. Put the skills to practise and try to stealthily steal the egg from the snake without getting caught!  


Kan Jam & Ultimate Frisbee Kan Jam is a popular flying disc game straight out of New York and landing right into our playgrounds! Also team up and hone your frisbee skills with a fun game of ultimate frisbee. 


RingoPrepare for an epic game of hunt or be hunted. When you hear the horn blow the games will begin!


Beach Hut Advent Calendar   We will be working on a special project for each member of the Outdoors Project to craft a decoration which will be proudly displayed in the Outdoors Project Beach Hut, in Hove, come December. 


Nerf – Hunger Games (Selected Schools)   Based on the popular book and film series, players are immersed in the world of Panem, where they must compete to represent their districts in the hunger games. Discussing literature and adding a richer storyline to a Nerf games session sparks the children’s interest and overall enjoyment of the game. Nerf is high energy and a lot of fun for either enthusiasts or those who want to give it a go. We adapt the games to suit the age and dynamic of the group.