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Crisp Air and Christmas Clubs

With the Holidays just around the corner, I thought I'd give you a reminder that you can book with us now! As well as give a run down on what kind of sessions we are running across our 4 sites across West Sussex.

What's on?

Drop Pancakes, S’mores, Pine Needle Tea & Fire Lighting: Gather around the campfire for Campfire Cookout: Christmas Edition! We will make our own drop pancakes, master the art of brewing pine needle tea, & hone your bushcraft fire lighting skills. Oh yeah - then head to the campfire once again for some tasty s’mores!

NEW Minecraft Day with Tools & Model Workshop: Welcome to our popular Minecraft Day with a BRAND-NEW Tools & Model Workshop. The kids will be building & maintaining their village using bushcraft equipment, while earning reward pixels & protecting their village from the Creeper! They will have to collect their elements & using the crafting table build their tools.

Mega Games, Snow Making, S’mores & Paint Mural: We love to play! A day of mega games, woodland adventure & a wild time as we toast s’mores around the campfire to recharge between mega games. There’ll be a ‘snow’ ball making session before we come together to design a massive Paint Gun Mural!

Xmas Crafts: Bird Feeders, Embroidery Art & Candy Cane Hunt: Today we’ll be enjoying a wintery Christmas craft day appreciating the beautiful season of winter. We’ll be helping our feathered friends out as we craft some bird feeders. We’ll create our own floss embroidery art & there’ll be a hunt for the candy canes Santa’s elves have left out for us!

Bad Santa & Snowball Nerf: Christmas Special: Join us for an energetic day of Nerf dart dodging, with tactical & team-based Nerf games. There’s an imposter dressed as Santa & he’s out to steal Christmas – we need help to save our stockings! Come along for battling Bad Santa & a game of Snowball Assault. (Due to the more competitive nature of this day, age 6+ is recommended). 


As you have all probably noticed yourselves, the crisp winter air is settling upon us and I for one am very excited about this! There is something about it that really makes this time of year extra special and that translates across to the sessions that we are running this holiday. Sat around the fire making tasty treats, or gathered together being crafty and making some awesome mini projects and of course running around playing some fantastic games to keep us warm, it's all such a great way to experience and appreciate the colder months. Definitely one the kids shouldn't be missing out on! 

Looking forward to seeing you all there. 

- James