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DEN BUILDING. Fun stuff to do...

Hey kids here's some wise words from Outdoors Project Leader Joel about today's activity.  "This is a favourite of mine, I love making dens inside. There is no right or wrong way really. You can create something to sleep in, just to chill in to read your favourite book or a fort to hide out from dinosaurs! I always go with the dinosaur option personally!”

One or two bed sheets or blankets (anything old – ask your adult first and remember try not to hassle busy adults too much for equipment, part of the adventure is discovering and building things ourselves!)
String or rope if you have it (not essential).
A Chair, broom or mop (these can help give you some height to your den)
Books, rubber bands or cloth pegs – ideal for weighting down sheets or using like tent pegs.
ACTIVITY TIME:  5 minutes – however long your Den can stand for!

 TO PLAY:  GET BUILDING. Ok so grab some kit, the less the better really, simple dens work best.  If you have string or rope find somewhere sensible, like your bedroom to tie a ridge-line across the room (one end of the room to the other) or use the broom or chair in the middle to create some height. Make sure you are attaching the rope to something sturdy like bed posts, a table or a weighted chair so it doesn't collapse and break anything. Ask for help for this bit if you need some (remember if you can build in your bedroom then it’s more likely you won’t have to take the den down and it won’t be in the way).

Try and make something that you can lay down in, (Use the Human ruler technique – if you lay down in it then it’s the right shape!) grab some cushions and pillows for comfort.  TOP TIP: Tie knots in corners of bedsheet this will make it easier to  weigh down with books or attach to other things.
SAFETY TIPS:  Dens have a tendency of collapsing! So, don’t use anything that will break or heavy objects that can fall on you! Rope or string – be careful with rope/ string it can be dangerous and a choking risk. Also, if you need help tying knots, just tie like your shoe laces. Or just don’t use it, you don’t really need it.
“I once used all my mums’ plants to weigh down a sheet for my den and they all fell over and made a right mess!! She wasn’t very happy!”
Don't forget a torch to illuminate your den (also great for shadow puppets) and some tasty snacks. Have fun and send us pics of your Den!

ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S RIDDLE:   "I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?" is...*drum roll please*.. A CANDLE - Dallace was the first to email in and guess correctly, well done!

TODAY'S RIDDLE:  What travels round the world but stays in one spot? 

Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to watch television for 3 hours. Thats quite a few episodes of sponge bob square pants!

It's important to keep active and creative! If you have any activity ideas you'd like to share, suggestions on what you want to see here, favourite riddles or pictures of what you have been creating that you think will inspire us, we want to know! You might even get a shout out!   SEND US A MESSAGE

Thanks to Scarlet for sending in a photo of her practising her outdoor fire lighting skills in the garden fire pit! Thanks to Emilie for sending in a measure hunt game, will definitely be trying that one out. 

Keep them coming

Adventures can be calm as well as exciting. Keep the adventures going whether in your home, garden, room or mind they're all out there, you just have search, use imagination and get creative!  

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” Dr Suess

The Outdoors Project Team