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Easter Holiday Clubs in Brighton, Hove & Ditchling

CAMPFIRE COOKOUT - EASTER EDITION   Gather around the campfire for firelighting, Hot Cross Bun & marshmallow toasting,  Armpit Fudge making, with plenty of energetic adventure games and woodland fun!
THE BIG WILD EGG DAY  Eggciting day of Fun & games in the park including;  an Easter Egg hunt, Catapult Egg launchers and Scavenger Hunts with a chocolate treat for everyone. 
BACK TO BASICS BUSHCRAFT - NOMADIC TRIBAL DAY  Learn how Nomads survived.   Build portable shelters, learn how to carry fire over long distances with Cramp Balls/King Alfred Cakes and Fire Fairy Pillows & hone your target sills with Atatl spear throwing.
POKEMON WILD ADVENTURE  Which Pokémon Trainer are you and who will you catch?  We’ll be embarking on a Pokémon adventure in the park, creating our own Pokémon, Building Pokémon balls and making cards to take home too.  Plus the mega Pokémon Stack Attack game “Gotta catch them all!”
NERFAGEDDON ALL THINGS NERF  Tactical and Team games.  Base invasion nerf battles, Hunger Games, Zombie Strike, Crystal Skull, Commando vs Crusader, Man Down and Blind Deal.  NERF is the main activity of the day so please ensure your child will enjoy this prior to booking. Recommended age 6+

WORLD STREET GAMES FESTIVAL   We're on a mission to share the amazing different street games from around the world at our clubs.  Street games from the Philippines, Mexico, India, Japan, Africa and China are the highlights this session – sticks, patience, balls, bricks, elimination, race against the clock, test your balance &, learn new skills and take away some new games to share with others this Summer.
NATURE NINJAS  Immerse yourself in nature.  Spring scavenger hunts, Learn to walk and stalk like an animal ninja & create your own Seed Bombs to become Eco Gorilla gardeners.  Plus take on the challenge of “The Randomiser ” if you dare..

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