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If We Don't Look After Our Planet There Will Be NO MORE BABY SHARKS!

Over the last 2 years a member of our staff team Mel, from the Outdoors Project Bristol, has been working with the curator at the M-Shed in Bristol to write a book about Bristol childrens response to the changing climate and world around them. The book has been partly writen by some children that attend the Outdoors project here in Bristol. They have all gathered together to write and draw about the great sadness of the changing world and how it's affecting us. They express their hopes and fears for the future and convey their views and concerns they have for the home we all share; the Earth. 

How did this all start? Well it all began with a conversaton with the curator at the M-shed in Bristol who was looking for comments from children for the 'Go Global: Act Bristol' exhibition in 2022. Mel was immediately inspired by this and she started the project that very day. Along the way, she wrote to Sir David Attenborough inviting him to add a few words to the book. He agreed and they are honored to have his hand written message in the book.

After all their hard work in trying to get this book together they now need to raise £5000 in order for the books to be printed. The committee are working hard trying to organise fundrasing and are working with The John James Trust. 

When the book is published it will then be sold in the M-shed gift shop and other book shops in Bristol.

The Outdoors Project Bristol is very proud of Mel and the children who have taken up the challenge and time to write about their view of climate change and how it's effecting the planet. We will keep you all updated on the progess of the book.