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Importance of Regular Contact with Nature - from Joel, The Outdoors Project founder

'Percentages, stats, time indoors, stranger danger, curriculum pressures, social media, video games, parent workloads, the list in endless. We all feel them. There is so much talk about it but we seem just set on our paths. There’s nothing we can change. However, we only get one shot, one chance to live on this spiny green round thing! We have to set adventure into our children’s minds, stories of our youth, actions we take, all add up to setting our children up right.  To not become couch potatoes and getting out there and living a clean, green filled life. 

This has all been said before. Health and happiness are found outdoors, I truly believe that! I believe my good health is massively contributed to by my time outdoors. Working indoors at a laptop for 5 hours followed by 2 hours running with the kids in nature works wonders. I don’t remember my time at the laptop as kids won’t remember their best day of TV, but the nature is always a highlight of my day. A mood changer, a heart-warming if not challenging experience each time. We need this in our daily lives! “We are not Bears! No hibernating” as I tell the kids at the clubs!

One of my main motivations for the Outdoors Project was kids gaining regular outdoor or wild / nature based time. A lot of what we do is structured but so much is just hands on learning or experiences. They take the lead but we provide the opportunity. Simple outdoor fun!'

Come see us in action this Easter at one our Outdoors Project Discovery Days, we will be running Discovery Days over two weeks for potential franchisees to come and experience the Outdoors Project ethos. 

They are available to book w/c 11th April & w/c 18th April - please email harry.neale-smith@theoutdoorsproject.co.uk to book now!