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My day at The Outdoors Project by Amelia Mostyn, age 10

The Outdoors Project is a series of fun,clean(ish), safe activities, always under the eye of a trained adult. I went for the first time this year to a park near me and was there all day from 10am until about 3pm. And don’t worry it doesn’t feel like school at all! And even if it’s raining, it is made extremely enjoyable with the activities underneath a shelter.

If you’re a parent reading this you should know that all the activities are watched and organised by an adult. They make sure the children are safe and happy. The first thing that happened to me, when I arrived, was an instructor came with a form for my mum to fill in.This way they knew how many people there were and who everyone was.

My instructor's name was Rowan . He had two other people helping him: Patricia and Charlotte . They were all really friendly!

At the beginning, we played some different games which were really fun with lots of running around. The best part of the day for me though was when we all got to make Harry Potter wands. This involved getting a stick and peeling it. We would get a glove and put it on. This would be the hand that you would hold your peeler in. You would then sit down and make a circle with your peeler. This would be your blood bubble. Nobody would be allowed to enter your blood bubble. Only then would you start peeling. A clever way of keeping us all safe with peelers!

If you are a child and your parents have been talking to you about the Outdoor Project let me just say that it doesn’t actually feel that there is loads and loads of safety and actually there isn’t that many rules. It’s basically good fun with lots of running around. It’s good for making friends but it feels quite different to school because you get a choice of doing something or not. Also it’s nice to hang around with different people for a change. I really liked that I was with kids that were both older and younger than me so it was a real mix of ages.

One of my favourite games of the day was ‘Capture the Flag’ because it wasn’t just about running around, you had to really think about it and make sure you were choosing the right people for the job. Another one I loved was called ‘lunch box’ - one of the instructors would attach a foam ball to a piece of string and if you got hit by the ball you would have to go to the lunch box and not be able to leave until someone freed you by high fiving you,

If I had to give it stars,I would give it 4.5 out of 5. I took a half off because the only thing is that it does make you feel very tired. But actually that is a nice feeling. Again I would highly recommend it!