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October Half Term West Sussex - Let's go!

October Half Term is always a blast and we know 2020 is going to be no exception. The West Sussex team can't wait to get stuck back into our holiday club programme.

We're delighted to be returning to The Globe in Lancing, but for all our Worthing customers we can now offer a second great location at Goring Primary School. 

Goring has a beautiful forest school area and there's plenty of room for everyone to charge around in, here's a little overview of what to expect:

NERFAGEDDON - There's a clue in the name! Plenty of NERF scenarios and a few gentler non-Nerf games thrown in too; 5hrs of constant NERF would be too much for even the most seasoned dart-shooter! As it's halloween, Zombie Apocalypse will definitely be our finale.

WE'RE GOING ON A YETI HUNT! - Making it's first appearance over the summer rumour has it the shy, mysterious and only very-occasionally-slightly-scary yeti has wandered into urban West Sussex once again. The kids are going to need to entice him out, take some footprint moulds and then design a trap to allow him to be safely removed from the area.   

CAMPFIRE COOKOUT - Sugar levels at maximum but don't worry there's loads of games to burn it all off too! What makes us really happy is when kids genuinely enjoy the apple part of toffee apples rather than simply treating the apple as a syrup-and-sprinkle delivery solution.

HALLOWEEN SNOT & EDIBLE BLOOD MAKING & ZOMBIE BODY PART SCAVENGER HUNT - Shortlisted for 2020's "Longest Title for a Kid's Activity" this day's going to be messy and so much fun! We're always assuring parents that this one isn't as scary as it sounds (at all), kids love gross stuff, what can you do?

HARRY POTTER DAY - Every now and again we ask ourselves whether we should do Harry Potter Day again as we've been running it for years, but it's such a great session and there is absolutely no sign of the kids' Potter enthusiasm tailing off! There's something in this one for everyone: whittling and decorating the wand, high-energy and a bit of competitiveness in Quidditch, the mayhem of the Dementor game, crafting clay Fantastic Beasts, and we're throwing in potion making this time too! We can't wait. 

Less than three weeks to go! See you out there everyone. If you've got any questions about the West Sussex clubs, just ask Rob.