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Our Franchisees Share their Experiences of Working with the Outdoors Project

Do you want flexibility, less stress and be excited to go to work?

Our franchise business model is the perfect balance between autonomy and security. You are not on your own. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what our franchisees have to say about their experience working with us;


Rob Cruise, West Sussex Franchisee


“One of the great things about this business is that there aren’t many overheads, you don’t have to take on large amounts of debt, and if your clubs are busy you can make a decent living quickly”.

“A few months in I noticed a weird warm feeling I'd never really felt before - job satisfaction.”


Lucy Kilby, Lincoln Franchisee


“I am unbelievably glad that I took that initial step into the unknown. Sam and Joel have supported me throughout and it is fantastic to know that I have two absolute experts in their field on the end of the phone if ever I need them.”

“I came to Brighton for the day and Sam showed me around the sites, filled with happy, engaged children and clearly well-trained and passionate staff.”


Anthea Daly, Lewes District Franchisee


“The sessions and activities are so well planned, tested and organised that you don’t need to be a children’s entertainer to deliver them.”

“Right from the start I believed in the brand and the proposition, it seemed like no other clubs offered anything like it and I was able to see first hand how much the children enjoyed it.”


Rowan Hibbett, Bristol Franchisee


“With so much of the ground-work has been done for me, enabling me to start up the business quickly and start earning money without having to go through lengthy and costly trials and errors.”

If your feeling inspired book onto one of our October Discovery Days to see our clubs in action! 


October 25th - 29th


Or if you just want some more information and start the conversation…

Email: sam.smith@theoutdoorsproject.co.uk