Hayden - our Saplings guru is very excited to be returning to the Saplings parent and toddler group next week for the remainder of the summer term.

Saplings is our fun, nature inspired activity group for pre-school children and their parents. If your child is active, interested in nature and loves playing in the great outdoors then this is for them! Each session your child will learn, play and create with sensory activities inspired by nature, including bug hunts, mud painting, natural art and much more.

Here's a taste of our 'Nature Art' and 'Magical Clay Creatures' days from the perspective of one of our assistant instructors, Brontë. -


"On Wednesday at Saplings we started with a colour touch game, followed by hide and seek in St Ann's Well Garden, where fortunately I was found from my hiding spot in the bushes or I'd still be hiding there now... Our main activity was 'nature printing' so our group of Sapling explorers scavenged the fallen plants and painting tools they wanted to use and then got to work on their mini masterpieces! As always, we finished with a story, this week it was 'Stick Man' which was a real crowd pleaser and then we sang our goodbye song."


"This week at Saplings we made fairy houses and magical clay creatures! To begin, we played some warm up games in the park, 'search for squirrels acorns' (ping pong balls hidden around the area) and hide and seek. Afterwards, we scavenged the area to find some Y sticks, to create frames for the shelters and then used leaves and sticks to build roofs, to keep the little visitors warm and dry. Then for the best part, we modelled our fairy princes and princesses out of clay, decorating them using nature. Some of them even had floral crowns and leafy wings. Check out the great photo of a fairy palace, made by one of our Saplings!"