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Summer clubs - now on sale in Brighton & Hove

The weather is hotting up, the trees are blossoming... it can only mean one thing - summer is just around the corner!! We've spent a lot of long days in the office and out in the playing fields planning for our summer holiday clubs in Brighton, Hove and Poynings. We're pleased to say that they're now ready for booking! 

We can't wait!!

July 11th - August 26th, 10am - 3pm weekdays

Kids aged 5-12 (primary school age Year 1 - Year 6)


Our 3 sites this summer are:

- the lovely Lancing College Prep School in Hove (a playing field plus a small wooded area. We're building new equipment here right now too! We'll keep you posted!). This is where we kick off the summer, starting early for the private schools on the 11th July, running throughout the summer
- Cottesmore St Mary's School in Hove (a playing field with a forest school style area - including a dirt kitchen, benches, a fire pit and wooden tables). Clubs start 25th July.
- Parkwood Scout Camp in Poynings (a huge woodland area in the countryside, with a range of fields, woodland areas (including 'the dark woods'...) and beds of wild flowers, plants and mushrooms - I can't stress how beautiful and natural this location is! Clubs start 25th July.

We've managed to outgrow Mac's farm over the past year have and settled into our new location, Parkwood. Again, it's a short drive from Brighton & Hove, but well worth it if you have a car! It's 10-15 mins from Brighton or 10 mins from Ditchling. Same team, same great activities, even more amazing site!

Outdoor play and adventure! Get them out of the house and having fun this summer. See what activities we have planned below.


BUSHCRAFT BAKE-OFF - CAMPFIRE COOKOUT - Test out your bushcraft baking skills, crafting flapjacks wrapped in chestnut leaves washed down with sweet nettle tea around the fire. Then to the woods for some high energy fun and games!

WE’RE GOING ON A YETI HUNT - Join us on an outdoors adventure & find out more about the mysterious yeti... We’ll learn stalking and tracking & making foot moulds of this great beast. How to build humane traps & create the Yeti’s favourite treats in an effort to lure them out from their lair. If we succeed, you’ll have a chance to meet this gentle beast!

MAN HUNT & CAMOUFLAGE SKILLS - A day of hide and seek in the woods! Natural camouflage making, stalking & tracking workshops, capture & evade games and kids vs instructors hunt. Can you outwit our survival experts?  

WATER DAY - “Our most popular day every Summer!” As it says on the ‘tin’ this is going to be a wet one. A day of wet & wild games & challenges, Nerf water battles & bottle rockets! Dress to get wet, bring a towel & change of clothes!

DESERT ISLAND SURVIVAL CHALLENGE - Take on the hot and hostile conditions of the desert. Learn to find water using ancient methods, build a water filtration system, sun navigation, solar fire lighting and run the challenge of desert island equipment dash!

SURVIVE JURASSIC ISLAND - Collect the essential survival tools hidden in the jungle, hunt down the prehistoric predators and collect the dino eggs without getting caught by the T-Rex! A day of high jinks, stealth skills and daring deeds to survive & forage for what you need to escape the island!

WAY OF THE VIKING - Learn the ways of the mighty Vikings and make Thor proud! Capture & evade style games, learn how to make an effective shield wall on the battlefield, craft Viking pottery and play the game of Kubb & Jomswiliker a favourite Viking pastime! 

BACK TO BASICS BUSHCRAFT – FIRE & CAMP CRAFT - Join our instructors for a day of fire lighting skills, camp building and woodland fun & games. Inspired but ancient methods and modern skills to perfect your bushcraft skills.

“AMONG US” SPY CAMP - Based on a popular video game where all our wannabe spies and spaceship survivors hone their skills in deception, mystery and intrigue. We’ll be making charcoal fingerprint detectors, testing stealth skills and repairing our stranded spaceship whilst trying to discover the imposter AMONG US!!

NERFEGEDDON - NERF Action! We’ll provide a range of blasters and play energetic Nerf games, from base invasion to team gameplay to zombie dodging! Good fun for Nerf enthusiasts. Filled with adventure games in between Nerf rounds for some outdoors fun & play.

NATURE NINJA – SUMMER ADVENTURE EDITION - Join us for an immersive day of hands-on nature and adventure, making Hapa Zome Chinese nature art, whittling hazel keyrings and playing loads of high energy woodland games!

ANIMAL AMBASSADORS - SEA WOLVES EDITIONS - We’ll be exploring the amazing and under-threat world of Sea Wolves. Learn to stalk, hunt and forage like a wolf and prepare our dens and burrows for the cold nights under the stars. Then let’s hunt like a wolfpack and perfect our call to the wild. Awhoool!

WILD THINGS WILDERNESS ADVENTURE - Storytelling, action, sword making, den building, animal magic, adventure and swamp monsters – all of the good stuff! Based on the wild adventure book “Willow Wildthing & Swamp Monster” by Gill Lewis – are you brave enough to come into the wilderness?

MINECRAFT MEETS WILDCRAFT - Minecraft Survivor Challenge. Collect your elements, build and maintain your village, earn reward pixels and protect your land and villagers. Watch out for the creeper!

HARRY POTTER WIZARD WANDS, QUIDDITCH & POTIONS CLASS - In this session, we draw our inspiration from the Harry Potter book series. Have fun whittling your very own woodland wand, brew potions and play the game of Quidditch! Which house are you? Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?


You can make all of the bookings through our website. You can book them in for a day, a week, a month - up to you!

Early bird prices:
We always recommend booking early (now), to avoid disappointment. But there's more... book now and receive early bird prices!
Our prices are currently locked in at the same price that they have been for the past 3.5 years!  We think we've done well to offer it at such good value for so long.  With many things in our daily lives getting more expensive, we too must unfortunately raise our prices. On June 1st, our prices will be going up - from £32 to £35 per day. We know this is a shame for you to hear but we really hope that you understand the need for us to do so! Book before June 1st to take advantage of the lower prices.


For more information about what to expect from our holiday clubs, please read our 'Holiday clubs - all you need to know' guide - here

See you there!
Adventure on,

The Outdoors Project team x