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Summer Holiday Clubs Week 3 - Take a peek!

Summer feels like its flying by already! This was our first week back at all 4 of our locations.  It was brilliant to see lots of familiar smiling faces and lots of new faces too.
This week we had some brilliant detectives at our 'Among Us' Spy Camp Day. The challenges tested lots of different skills - thankfully we found the imposter! 

At our Star Wars Day the kids dressed up as Storm Troopers. We had a competitive brother and sister who decided to have a Storm Trooper running race across the field - running whilst covered in rolls of paper is not the easiest, but they were giggling the whole race. 

The Yeti Hunt Day was very popular this week. After the kids made their Yeti nature dinner plates (used to lure the Yeti out), we went to play in the other woods. After returning to check on our Yeti dinner plates a very excited boy ran over to the group to tell us that the Yeti had been and ALL the food had been eaten 

One of the activities for Harry Potter Day consisted of making broom sticks. One of the kids asked our Instructor "Can I please go to the potions class to collect the fairy dust, I need it to enchant my broomstick to make it fly" - That's magic for you!

Quote of the Week

Little girl looking at Instructor Harmony with a dead pan expression:
 "I cast a spell on you" giggles and runs off... leaving Harmony wondering.
Harry Potter Day


If they loved the Yeti Hunt we think they'd also love...


Becoming a Viking Warrior!

This day is full of exciting games, inspired by the fearsome Vikings themselves!

We'll test out a Viking shield wall and advance through the woods, battling our enemies and protecting ourselves from attack.

We'll play Viking Kubb: a fast-paced cross between ten-pin bowling and chess. The Vikings played Kubb with real skulls and bones! Who can knock over the King first? 

We'll carve our Viking rune names into clay pinch pots to take home and play even more games like Capture the Flag (Viking VS Anglo-Saxon edition) and Jomswiliker (a Viking Marco Polo!) 


If they love Minecraft VS Wildcraft we think they'd also love...


Learning Bushcraft skills!

This day is packed full of useful survival tools and skills to make living on the wild side fun and exciting!

We'll build shelters in the woods and test their waterproofing with our Super soakers.

We'll learn how to use solar fire-lighting techniques and flint & steels to make flaming fire pits.

We'll use ancient Atlatl spears to target practice and explore how our ancestors used hunting tools like these to throw further and faster



If they love Arts and Crafts we think they'd love...

Being a Nature Ninja!
This day is full of crafty activities for your budding artists and nature lovers. 

We'll make a hanging Suncatcher using flowers and leaves - a kaleidoscope of summer colours!

We'll make natural dyes and try out cave painting like our ancestors did, then we'll go on a bug hunt to see who calls our woodland home.

We'll try Hapa Zome - a Japanese term meaning ‘leaf-dye.’ We'll forage for exciting materials and then use wooden hammers to release their natural dyes, creating beautiful patterns and designs. 

 If they loved Star Wars Day we think they'd love...

Mandalorian Nerf

This day is full of Nerf action and energetic ganmes - Mandalorian style. 

We'll be battling for the darksaber, saving baby Yoda and playing a variety of Nerf action based games. 

In-between the high energy nerf based activities we'll also be creating our own warrior signets.