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Viking Jomswikiger Game

Hey kids, we’re back in the land of the Vikings! Joel’s favourite time period, I think he is part Viking - his middle name is "Bjorn" and his family used to live in Denmark so it would explain a lot! This time we’re exploring a traditional game played in settlements and camps. It’s a game of patience, skill and involves bit of tracking and stalking.
It’s called Jomswikinger – bet you can’t say that out loud ten times in a row!

Roughly translated it means “Blind Viking chest touch smash game”. Do we have your attention yet?

This is a two-player game so you’ll need a willing Viking warrior partner. It’s good fun and plenty of laughs will be involved.

  •  2 x Blindfolds (A beanie hat, tie, t shirt or a long clean(ish) sock will do the trick!)
  •  2 x Pillows
  •  A table or chest which goes in the middle of the play area. Now be sure to clear the table completely. The play area also needs to be reasonable large as you will be swinging a pillow so do not play near stuff that can be damaged!


  • Players flip a coin or rock paper scissors to decide who gets the first go.
  • Both players must start at opposite sides of the table and place one hand on the table. That hand must be on the table at all times when moving, you cannot let go or you forfeit the game.
  • Both players hold a pillow in their free hand (the hand not on the table) and they must put on their blindfolds.
  • The player who won the coin toss will need to find their opponent and hit them with one swing of the pillow. The other player must avoid detection and dodge the swing.
  • Players are only allowed to take one swing per go. If a player misses then it is the other players turn to take their swing. If the player hits their opponent then it is one point to them and then continue to swap so the other player gets their go to swing.
  • The player who has their turn to swing the pillow can call out the name of their opponent and they must answer (Like Marco Polo). This can only be done once every 30 seconds (or more to make it harder!).
  • The first three direct hits wins.  

This is a calm game which relies on listening skills to track your opponent and either hit them with the pillow or avoid their swing depending on whose turn it is. Players cannot run and you must hold onto the table / chest at all points. The aim is just to tap your opponent with the pillow so no need to swing with force.
You can play without the table or chest. Instead designate an area to play in and clear it of all trip hazards and things that could be knocked over or sharp corners. In this version players must be on hands and knees. Players can use their hand to reach out for the other player and tap them on the body (like a game of tag), we’d encourage doing this for young Vikings, so they don’t bump heads. Players must try and crawl to where they think their opponent is. You can still call out their name and they must answer!

ANSWER TO YESTERDAY'S RIDDLE:   "What has a head and a tail but no body?" A Coin!

TODAY'S RIDDLE:   What is cut on a table, but is never eaten?

FACT OF THE DAY:  Ants leave maps for other ants when they walk.   Ants leave pheromone trails when they walk as maps for other ants to follow, meaning they can travel the fastest route to food or their hive.   The more ants that walk that route, the stronger the map is for others to follow.

Out with google maps and in with the ants I say! 

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Marc, Emilie, Isabelle and Max you all guessed the riddle correct well done!

Arthur thank you again for your great patch idea submissions, they're brilliant! 

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