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What Support Do You Get From The Outdoors Project As A Franchisee?

When we had our franchises come down for the February POW-WOW we asked them what support they receive with their franchise business from us here at HQ in Brighton.

Rob, West Sussex Franchisee:
“The support I get from HQ, I'd say is pretty much spot on because one of the reasons I was drawn to this is because I wanted to be my own boss. I didn't particularly like being told what to do when I was in previous jobs, but you're not completely on your own. So, the guidance is there. The advice is there when you need it, but you also have autonomy. So, it's a really great combination.”

Amy, Havering Franchisee:
“Activities training with the Outdoors Project is fantastic, it is really thorough. The team is lovely, very welcoming and no question is a silly question. So yeah, training is great and I feel like I've got more than enough information to get up and running.”

Vicky, Nottingham West Franchisee:
“It's great to be part of the team rather than being solo.”

Rowan, Bristol Franchisee:
“The backbone of my business the provide with the website and with session plans, the branding and direction. Also the general advice!” 

Anthea, Lewes District Franchisee:
“I get tons of support when I need it and we have regular meetings, which is also really helpful as well as regular training. So, I feel like we have quite a lot of support and a lot of interaction with the HQ, which I find very useful.”

Lucy, Lincoln Franchisee:
“I get a lot of support as well with the day to day running of the business. They just give me a bit of a confidence boost when I'm feeling like I need one and that I'm doing the right thing, I'm making the right choices for my business.”