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Workshop Case Study: The Wild Adventures of Holy Cross Primary School

Hey there, adventurers! Gather round the campfire, because I've got an amazing tale to share with you. It's about the awesome outdoor workshops that I've been running at Holy Cross Primary School in magical Uckfield.
Every Thursday, after lunchtime I've been whisking away the students on an exhilarating journey into the wild. For a whole hour, we delve into the wonders of nature, learning, and having fun!

Now, let me tell you, these workshops have had a big impact on the students. The teachers have noticed a remarkable improvement in their concentration. How cool is that?
By giving them something to look forward to and anticipate, we're helping them focus even better in the classroom!

So what exactly have we been getting up to during these wild adventures? Hold on tight, because it's quite the list! We've built bottle rockets that soar high into the sky, igniting our imaginations and teaching us about the power of science. We've cooked tasty treats over crackling fires, connecting with nature and discovering the art of outdoor cooking.

But that's not all, my adventurous friends. We've journeyed back in time to the era of fearsome Vikings and the mystical Stone Age. Together, we've explored their ways of life, channeling our inner warriors and inventors. We've even whittled spears, embracing our survival instincts and learning about the ancient tools that helped our ancestors thrive.
And let's not forget about the colourful world of art! We've created our own natural paints using materials straight from Nature herself. Can you imagine squishing berries, leaves, and flowers to make vibrant pigments? It's like a magical potion!

Of course, we've also played epic outdoor games, forging memories that will last. Running, jumping, and laughing together, we've discovered the joy of teamwork and the power of positive experiences. 

So there you have it, my adventurous pals – the Wild Adventures of Holy Cross Primary School! It's a story of excitement, learning, and pure outdoor magic, igniting curiosity, sparking creativity, and unleashed the spirit of exploration within each and every student.
Join us around the campfire, and let's continue the adventure together! The great outdoors is waiting, and there are endless stories yet to be told.