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After School Clubs - What parents need to know ...

AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS - WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW ....WHERE AND WHEN DO WE RUN AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS   Check the website for the list of schools we are currently active at.  All clubs run directly after school, usually on school premises or sometimes in close by green space for 1 hour (check the individual school detail as there are a few that run for 1hr 15). Clubs run for children in Year 1 and above.

WHAT WE DO Every week is different - games, learning skills, communicating, crafting, creativity and lots of outdoor play. A non-competitive environment, with something for everyone from the quiet and methodical to the louder and livelier.  Clubs are Ofsted Registered.  We accept Childcare Vouchers.

HOW DO YOU BOOK   You can book online here

Book term by term. If there are spaces we are happy for children to join mid term.  Prices are amended weekly online to reflect the missed sessions.

Booking for next term tends to open a term in advance.  Activities will change every term so our long-term members continue to gain all new experiences and skills! 

Book & pay online and you will receive a confirmation email with all the details you need for the club.

Depending on the school we may run clubs for different age groups on different days so please check which day your year groups are running on. 

STAFF  All our staff are DBS checked, recieve safeguarding training and we have a first aid trained instructor at every club.

A TYPICAL SESSION  Every school has an After School Club meeting point (usually a point in the playground) - this is clearly communicated via your booking email confirmation and referred to as “BASE CAMP” to the children.  The parent pick up point is also communicated via the email confirmation.

Infants and Junior Clubs at the same school often have different meeting and collection points so please read carefully.

Registers are sent to the School office so they know who should be attending the Club.

Each club has a Lead Instructor (responsible for sign in/sign out and running the session/parent communication) and an Assistant Instructor (responsible for making sure everyone is happily taking part, encouraging those who may be distracted or need encouragement to join in the games). Sometimes children will grab a snack out of their bag during sign in. If a child arrives without coat and needs one we will ask them to go and get it. However it is their adult at home who are responsible to dress their child appropriately for the weather.  On arrival the child will be greeted, marked in the register, given the opportunity to eat their snack, change into what they need and will be sent to play a game with the Assistant when ready. Should a child not arrive, the instructor will check with the office whether the child was sick or has gone home early from school and will call the parent if the child is meant to be at the club. This is a time-consuming process and we take it very seriously so please do let us know if your child will not be attending the club that day to avoid this. This can also delay everyone else’s enjoyment in the activity while they wait to start.  If your child might forget they are coming to the club it is worth reminding the teacher so they can help direct them to the club in good time. Once everyone has arrived the session commences with more games and the specific activity for the week - every week is different and we will have a set schedule of activities for the term.

HOME TIME  At the end of the day the children will be asked not to leave until they have been signed out to the pickup person named on the register. Any last minute changes to pick up, please do let us know or the instructor may request that the named pick up person contacts them to confirm before they can release the child from their care.

What does my child need to bring?  A sense of adventure! We do not ask the children to change clothes but bring suitable outer layers for the season – Waterproof jackets, warm clothing in winter, sturdy shoes (not flip flops) or sun cream and a hat if summer time.

BEHAVIOUR   We want everyone to enjoy themselves and to go home with smiles after having plenty of fun with friends as well as learning a new skill or game! However time is limited and in order to maximise everyone’s enjoyment of the session, disruptive behaviour is not tolerated. Disruptive children will receive warnings and may be asked timed out for a very brief period. If the behaviour is consistent then the instructor will speak to parents at the end of the session.

Some equipment we use in the clubs can carry an element of risk if misused (e.g. fire lighting / whittling). A safety demonstration is always given, and it is ultimately up to the instructor whether the group or certain children will be allowed to go ahead with the activity on the day. If the children have not demonstrated they can use the equipment responsibly and risk causing harm to themselves or others, then the activity will have to be stopped and the instructor will play games instead.

We operate a three-strike policy in which extreme behaviour, such as aggression, bullying or misusing equipment, will result in a “strike” against the child’s name. Parents will be informed after a strike is issued and if three are issued over a term then we will be forced to ask that child to leave the club.

We ask for your support in ensuring we can work to resolve negative behaviour and encourage children to enjoy and participate fully in the activities, for us to maintain a fun and safe environment for all! 

STAMP CARDS  Each member of the club receives a loyaly card which contains different skill points for them to earn throughout their time with The Outdoors Project. Each time they attend they will receive one stamp, once they fill up a stamp book completely they will receive a patch! So please make sure to pack their stamp cards and feel free to chat to an instructor after sign out if we need to catch up on any missed stamps or lost cards. These are a positive reward system for the great work that they do at the clubs! For more information on loyalty card rewards check the related article on patches below. 

OUTDOOR PROJECT CLUB AMBASSADOR AWARD Each term our club leaders will choose one or more children at the club that will recieve an award certifcate and special patch. This will be given out at the club to those children that have shown, passion, politness and resilience during the term. For more information on the award please click on Outdoors Ambassador award in the related news below. 


I am extremely impressed with the programme and how it is organised. My child LOVES it.

Knowing that every Wednesday my son gets to run around in the fresh air, playing team games, making things, learning skills, exploring nature and ultimately being active outside like kids should be, is so important and why I value the club and why my son loves going (Parent, Brighton)

The staff are all professional, kind and caring towards the kids and dedicated to the cause!

Very well organised - both boys always want to go and to continue each term.

The club is well structured and all children have fun. Good feedback from staff to parents about any issues relating to your child.

My daughter gets to try new things and develop new skills. She has also made a wide circle of friends outside of her class

The Outdoors Project has helped my son build his resilience and confidence.

The children have loads of fun being outside in all weathers and come back with a big smile on their faces

My son loves the Outdoors Project! He is usually shy and reluctant to try new things but always has fun at the outdoors project. In fact, I think it is giving him a lot of confidence socially.

I really value the variety and opportunity each week. The positive vibe and support from the staff.

The club teaches good skills and encourages team work. It is well supervised.

It’s Amazing! Social skills, leadership, always different themes, learn to be an individual!!

100% OF PARENTS WHO RESPONDED IN OUR RECENT SURVEY WOULD recommend The Outdoors Project to other parents/schools!