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Childcare Voucher Payment Instructions

We've made some improvements to our booking process over the past couple of weeks. One of these improvements is streamlining the childcare voucher payment process.

If you've already been paying by childcare vouchers, please read this as we've added an extra step to the booking process, including one lovely new button, "CONFIRM MY VOUCHER PAYMENT"!


Here are the full instructions on how to pay by childcare vouchers:
1) choose the club(s) you want to book > book now > confirm date - all the same as before
2) select your voucher provider + press 'confirm voucher booking' - same as before too
3) your screen will say "Booking complete" and you'll be sent a confirmation email - but this isn't the end yet!
4) visit your voucher provider's website and make the voucher payment to us. You might need the code next to your booking, visible in red on My Account, also on your confirmation email in black. This will tell your voucher provider that it's us you're sending the money to.
5) Once you've paid it, return to My Account on our website and press 'Confirm voucher payment' (this is the new button! - see picture below). You'll then be sent a 2nd email confirming the payment.



It wasn't very exciting that some of you were emailing us to confirm the voucher payment; or that we had to email some of you to ask if the payment had been made. Now, THIS CONFIRMS EVERYTHING! We know exactly when you've paid; or if you're waiting a few days until funds are available - that's still ok! This will help all of us know who's paid what and when.

Happy days!

If you have recently booked using Childcare Vouchers and have already transferred payment from your Childcare Provider please go to MY ACCOUNT and if the CONFIRM VOUCHER PAYMENT button is showing please CONFIRM VOUCHER PAYMENT for each of the clubs you have paid for (please do this even if you have sent us an email confirming the voucher payment).