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Webinar - your chance to meet our franchisees

Looking back on 2023 we have been overwhelmed with the interest in the Outdoors Project and those wanting to set up their own clubs in towns and cities across the UK. It’s fantastic to hear that so many of you share our passion for getting kids outside and away from screens.

We also know that, although you want to make a change in your lives and take that first leap, you have busy family and work commitments that mean you may not always be able to get to Brighton to meet at the HQ team.

To help you understand if this is the right move for you in 2024 we will be running a Discovery Day Webinar online onTuesday, 30th of January. Rather than take you to our clubs, this time we have a Q&A with two of our existing franchisees. 

Rob Cruise, West Sussex Franchisee

Rob started his Outdoors Project in Worthing coming up to seven years ago. He was our second franchisee to launch and since then has built largest franchise in the group outside of Brighton & Hove. Rob came from the corporate world, with little experience with kids, but always loved the outdoors. 

The West Sussex Franchise now covers two franchise territories, has five holiday clubs and thirteen after school clubs across the county. To get here Rob has had to be resilient and adaptable. He will give you a frank and honest account of how to build a successful and profitable business.

Gayle Brickley, Reigate Franchisee

In contrast to Rob, Gayle is one of our most recent franchisees. Gayle is a former secondary school teacher and Head of Department for over 10 years and launched her clubs in Reigate in July. Gayle was thinking of starting her own business when she came across the franchise and saw that it ticked so many of the boxes. 

The Reigate clubs have been incredibly popular and the demand is strong in these towns. Gayle experienced strong bookings from the start, but it hasn’t been all easy. Gayle can explain the challenges of running your own business, from having to cancel clubs because of illness and the challenges of finding the right staff. 

To books your place email franchise@theoutdoorsproject.co.uk

The Outdoors Project Webinar - Tuesday 30th of January at 6pm