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Native American Stick Game "Lahal"

Hey kids, Let’s learn about a traditional game played throughout tribes of the Southwest Native America’s.

This fun, light hearted game was often played when new tribes met as an ice breaker, traditionally used at funerals as distraction on a sad day or used between tribes to avoid war!

We’re going to craft our own set and then learn the rules to play.


- 6 x Flat surfaced sticks – You can use a variety of things for this so it all depends on what you have available. Lollipop sticks work really well, bits of kindling or go on a stick hunt for the right kind. Cardboard stripes cut from cereal packets will also work if you can't find suitable sticks! 

- Colouring Pens and other craft! Take the six sticks and decorate one side only, so each stick has a plain side and a colourful side – see the picture for example. The more colourful the better and try to add in some tribal designs, or even better create your own! Much like magpies we like shiny things so glitter is always a win..

- 10 x Counters – Traditionally dried beans are used but this could be anything from pebbles, to large seeds to smarties (mmmm smarties).


Once you’ve crafted your set and found your counters then you’re ready to play! You just need a willing opponent to play with.
The game is very easy. Sit opposite each other and place all the counters in the middle.
- Player A picks up all the sticks and holds them vertically in one hand, about 6 inches above the ground, then drops them.
- If all 6 sticks land with the design-side showing, Player A takes 3 counters.
- If all 6 sticks land with their plain side showing, the player takes 2 counters.

- If 3 sticks land with the decorated side showing and 3 with the plain side showing, take 1 counter.
- If any other combination happens, the player earns zero counters. Now it's Player B's turn to drop the sticks.

Continue alternating play taking one turn at a time. Eventually, the common pot of counters will be gone from the middle and each player will have some in their possession.
At that point, a player who earns counters in by dropping the sticks during their turn can take them from the opponent.
The winner is the person who eventually has all 10 counters.
Get it? Then let’s play!

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A big thanks to Charlie who sent in his awesome Zombie patch design! 

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A fun fact - the record for the longest breath ever held is 22 minutes and 22 seconds by German Free Diver Tom Sietas!   

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