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What's on in Lewes this Summer

Summer is now officially here  (hallelujah!)
Summer work/life/kids juggling season is almost upon us too...
We appreciate that, between work/life responsibilities, it can be difficult to find the time & energy to plan outdoor fun that works for the whole household.
Our mission is to provide THE MOST FUN outdoor activities in a safe & engaging environment where kids can be kids, make new friends, learn new skills, & experience the great outdoors, providing memories they’ll never forget. Parents tell us that children request to come back to the holiday clubs over and over - this speaks volumes in the fun that they have.
It’s a win-win! 
Kids have tonnes of fun, spend time outside & come home tired.
Parents have a guilt-free day to do what they need to do.

(something for everyone.....)

The Paddock, The Avenue, Lewes, BN7 1UU
NEW earlier 9am start time
Early independent school dates, starting 17th July
Book for a day, a week or more
Childcare vouchers accepted
Advanced booking advised
Amend & cancel bookings up to 1 week before the date & receive the full value as credit on your account
Guaranteed smiles & rosy cheeks!

Tug of War, Whittling & The 2023 Annual World Super Stick Championships 

It’s time to join us again for The Outdoors Project’s very own Annual World Super Stick Championships! 

In celebration of the humble stick, we’ll be whittling our own Viking Kubb pieces & playing the game Kubb  There will be a giant tug of war & a chance to take away our lucrative Annual Super Stick Champion trophy! 

Desert Island Survival Challenge 

Developing survival skills in the hot conditions of the desert in our bushcraft challenge day 

Learn to find water using ancient methods, build water filtration systems, learn sun navigation & solar fire lighting, before running the desert island equipment dash! 

NEW - Nature Ninja – Tree Spirits, Fairy Doors & Fairy Plates 
One of our popular Nature Ninja Series! We'll be exploring folklore, crafting fairy doors for our woodland mystical friends, & moulding clay tree spirits (a creature who protects the woodland) 

We’ll also be serving up some dinner offerings, creating mythical symmetry art for our winged friends as the kids learn to up-cycle & nurture nature 


Harry Potter Wizard Wands, Quidditch & Potions Class 

In this session we draw inspiration from the Harry Potter book series. 

Have fun whittling your very own woodland wand, brew potions & play the game of Quidditch!  Which house are you? Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw 
Volcano Villages, Pocket Rockets & Slime  

Join us for our mad science day for explosive, messy & downright daft day of experiments & fun. Making volcano villages, pocket rockets & slime to take home. Science explored through storytelling in nature! 

Minecraft Village Build, Element Hunt & The Creeper Game 

Minecraft meets Wildcraft in our survivor challenge  Collect your elements, build & maintain your village, learn to work as a team & understand your environment. Earn reward pixels & protect your land & villagers 

Oh... and watch out for the Creeper! 

Nerf & Adventure Games – Zombie Apocalypse, VIP & Capture the Flag 

Nerf action! We’ll provide a range of blasters & play energetic Nerf games from base invasion to team gameplay to zombie dodging! 

Good fun for Nerf enthusiasts. Filled with adventure games in between Nerf rounds for a day of outdoors play, exercise, and teamwork 

NEW – Percy Jackson – Poseidon Trident Medallion Making & Minotaur Maze 
Calling all Greek Mythology Fans! Join Percy Jackson, the Son of Poseidon in his quests & battle with the Gods. Choose your sponsor - Poseidon, Zeus or Hades, & create your medallion preparing for this epic battle of capture the flag on Camp Half Blood Hill, & join the quest of heroes in the Minotaur maze 

...If you dare! 

Roald Dahl Day – Potions, Snozcumbers & Bug Hunts 

We join Roald Dahl’s colourful, magical & frankly silly world in our Literature to Life Series inspired by three of our favourite books: George’s Marvellous Medicine, James & The Giant Peach & The BFG.

We will be making potions & snozcumbers, learning about giant bugs, & running with the giants! PHIZZ–WHIZZING it will be! 

NEW – Savage Stone Age – Cave Painting & Stone Age Games 

Join us for a Horrible Histories-style day 3.5 million years ago where things were strange & quite savage 

We step back in time to make cave paintings, craft stone age axes, play stone age games, & learn what stone age people did for fun! 

NEW – Super Mario Day – Yoshi Eggs & Bowser’s Fury 

Our BRAND-NEW theme, inspired by our favourite Italian plumber, Mario & friends 

The kids will build their very own Yoshi Egg, play ‘Bowser’s Fury’ & take on the Super Star Cornhole Challenge, as we take a positive, outdoor spin on technology use 

Survive Jurassic Island Day 

Can the kids survive Jurassic Island for the day?!

They must collect the essential survival tools hidden in the jungle to make a camp, hunt down the prehistoric predators & collect the dino eggs without getting caught by the T-Rex! A day of high jinks, stealth skills & daring deeds to survive & forage for what you need to escape the island! 

Water Day – Bottle Rockets, Water Battles & Games 

‘Our most popular day every summer!’ As it says on the ‘tin’, this is going to be a wet one 

A day of wet & wild games & challenges, Nerf water battles & bottle rockets. Dress to get wet, bring a towel & change of clothes!