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Why is the Outdoors Project an Exciting Franchise Model?

There are a number of reasons why our franchise model is something that we are hugely excited about growing across the UK...


·      We are presenting a proven business model that is profitable.
·      People will always want to invest in developing children’s physical and social development: it’s our future.
·      We are creating a space for this to happen where the children have fun are engaged and inspired and importantly want to return time and time again.
·      The Brighton office and HQ launched in 2008. Franchise 1 in Bristol been running since 2013 and now we have 12 successfully operating franchises. We have deliberately taken the time to pilot our franchise model and build our system with the right people so we can be confident that we have ironed out potential problems for new franchisees.
·      The business is scalable - This offers flexibility as to how you want to run your business and from where you generate your income stream. You can run as a 1-person business or plenty of scope to grow the business.
·      We offer a range of activities designed for preschool up to 12 years old's, selling both direct to parents and schools.
·      Easy set up for a quick start up - Website and booking system in place, all sessions are planned for you, training given & marketing and sales information provided.
·      The business model has low overheads, all sessions are paid for in advance lessening the risk and creating positive cash flow.
·      Whilst there are many activities for children on offer there is a lack of exciting, accessible, reliable and structured, YEAR-ROUND outdoors activity providers.
·      Our brand is synonymous with integrity and edge and has a solid reputation.
·      Quality Control. We want clubs/franchisees to be the best, selective, passionate, community focused and safe with shared values. A balanced business, common sense!
What the Franchisees say:
“My experience as a franchisee is feeling the autonomy of running my own business combined with the comfort of knowing I can access support from an experienced HQ team when I need it. It’s an exciting adventure without a blind leap into the unknown, and it’s the best decision I ever made. “
(Rob, West Sussex, Franchisee)