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We are a year-round all-weather business, and although we occasionally get a raised eyebrow or look of mild alarm from a parent or teacher when we explain that, “yes, we are still going outside in this” the kids don’t care and neither do our wonderful instructors.  So yes, After School Clubs are on all year, every term, whatever the weather (as long as it’s safe).

We have new activities every week and every term, however we also have an enormous back-catalogue of games to draw on so when the weather is cold and/or wet we'll tweak a session to make sure the kids are moving around more.

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  • Check your location for the list of schools running in your area. 
  • note:  If your school is not listed below, or you can’t attend on the day we are at your school please note we also run After School Clubs in local parks check out the Park Clubs page for more info.
  • Clubs run directly after school, usually on school premises or sometimes in a close by green space for 1 hour (check the individual school details as times differ by school).  
  • Clubs are open to children in Year 1 to Year 6. (not Reception class)
  • Clubs are Ofsted Registered & we accept Childcare Vouchers.
  • Bookings are taken online for the term.  If there are spaces we are happy for children to join mid term and prices are amended weekly online to reflect the missed sessions.
  • Booking for next term tends to open a term in advance.  Activities will change every term so our long-term members continue to gain all new experiences and skills.
  • Book & pay online and you will receive a confirmation email with all the details you need for the club.
  • ACTIVITIES:   Every week is different - games, learning new skills, communication & teamwork, crafting, creativity and lots of outdoor play. A non-competitive "just for fun" environment, with something for everyone from the quiet and methodical to the loud and lively! 


  • Each school has a club meeting point in the school playground. Please check your booking email confirmation for the meeting points and parent pick up locations for the club. We refer to the meeting point for children to come to us as “BASE CAMP”.
  • Infants and Junior Clubs at the same school often have different meeting and collection points so please read carefully. 
  • Registers are sent to the school office so they know who should be attending the Club.
  • All our staff are DBS checked and we have first aid trained instructors at every club.
  • KS1 (Yrs 1&2)  will either be picked up by instructors or the teachers will bring them to the meeting point. KS2 (Yrs 3-6) usually come straight to the meeting point from their classroom, this differs per school. 
  • Each club has a Lead Instructor and an Assistant Instructor. 
  • Should a child not arrive the instructor will check with the office to see if they are accounted for. Parents will be called if the child is expected at the club and there is no absence note. This is a time-consuming process and we take it very seriously so please do let us know if your child will not be attending the club that day to avoid this. 
  • Once everyone has arrived the session commences with the activity for the week.   FUN TIME!
  • Home time:   The pick up point at the school is communicated in the booking confirmation.  Children will be signed out to the parent or carer named on the register. Any last minute changes to pick up such as family friends, please do let us know prior so the information can be passed on or the instructor may request to contact the named parent to confirm before they can release the child from their care.

WHAT DOES MY CHILD NEED TO BRING?   A sense of adventure! We do not ask the children to change clothes but bring suitable outer layers for the season – Waterproof jackets, warm clothing in winter, sturdy shoes or sun cream and a hat if summer time.  Some children come with  a snack and water as there is time to eat this at club sign in.

REWARD CARDS & PATCHES   Each member of the club receives a reward card which earns them points each time they attend. When they get to 10 points they recieve a special outdoors project patch! The patches are iron on but we do advise sewing them if you put them on clothing. They'll be a designated patch to earn per term which will be shown to members. 

ROAM CLUB T-SHIRTS   We do have our special club member t-shirts which are available through the office to purchase. These are great for sewing patches onto! We will hand these directly to children in the club when purchased. 

OUTDOOR PROJECT CLUB AMBASSADOR AWARD Each term our club leaders will choose children at the club to recieve a special patch and certifcate for passion, politeness and resilience during the term. 

SEN PUPILS  We are an inclusive club and fully promote the many benefits of time spent outdoors for all children.  If your child has additional needs please do get in touch and we'd be happy to discuss further to advise whether the club environment is the right fit.    If your child receives one to one support at school, please call before booking as we need to ensure we have the correct support in place.

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