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  • Pokemon    Which Pokémon Trainer are you and who will you catch?  We’ll be embarking on a Pokémon adventure in the park and creating our own Pokémon or Building Pokémon balls to take home too. Along with playing Poke’ Ball Run & Lagori "Pokemon Stack Attack"- “Gotta catch them all!”
  • Harry Potter    The children can whittle a magic wand (to take home of course), perfect for casting your Patronus to defeat the Dementor. Jump aboard your broomstick and catch The Golden Snitch in Quidditch or mould a magical beast: our Harry Potter parties can be adapated for all ages. By choosing a combination of crafts and games you can be sure there will be something for everyone. 
  • Minecraft Vs Wild Craft     Working in clans the children will create their settlements. Building materials will be provided but what else can they find in the natural setting? Reward pixels will be earnt as their settlements take shape: How will you protect your settlement? What about a water source? A fire pit? Hunting skills? Teamwork? And of course lots Minecraft inspired games, watch out for the CREEPER!
  • Nerf Games    A softer, safer and more environmentally friendly version of paintballing. Are you ready for action? High-energy and one of our more competitive actvities, our NERF parties never fail to get the adrenaline pumping! We have dozens of different scenarios up our sleeves from Bum Shots to Zombie Apocalypse and our instructors always know the best games for their groups. Please note that due to it's more competitive nature NERF parties are only bookable for 6yr olds +
  • NERF FORTNITE  This party includes elements of the popular video game and combines with our usual antics in the outdoors. Build, forage and survive the apocalypse with your squad! Teams must collect resources, build fortifications, set traps and protect the remaining survivors. Search and seek out the Loot Llama to collect care packages on your way. The storm is coming!
  • Fire Lighting  An Introduction to 6 ancient to modern fire lightning techniques.  A hands on learning of basic survival skills.
  • Shelter Building   We begin the party with a woodland game and then a quick brainstorm: "What do we need for a decent shelter? Everyone is sleeping here tonight right? :) How high should the roof be? Do we want the ground nice and clear or covered in rocks? What about the wind and rain?" Once the shelters are up we've got great games to play in and around them, or perhaps we should get the water blaster out and check that they're waterproof? 
  • Circus Skills  Did you know that juggling makes you cleverer?! Research has shown that learning to juggle increases brain power. In addition to being great fun circus skills are amazing at boosting confidence and coordination, as well as teaching patience and perseverance. We're so lucky at The Outdoors Project to have circus experts Mike Turner AKA Mook Skywalker and Nick Cook on our teams. Juggling, poi, diabolo, pedal racers and more. Learn the history and the skills. 
  • Mini Blobsters and Mini Shelter Building  (Recommended for under 6 yrs). For our smaller friends we love working with the children to make mini clay beasts and mini settlements for them to live in. The creations can be taken home of course, and should attention start to wander we have lots of mini-beast games to play:  Ant Hospital and Spiderman Tag are some of our favourites.