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Apache Skills Camp - February Half Term Holiday Clubs // ODP Deeper Dive

With our February Half Term Holiday clubs beginning next week in Brighton and across our franchises, we take a deeper dive into on of the activities the kids will be enjoying – Apache Skills Camp! 

Apache skills camp aims to educate the kids on Apache history and culture through introducing them to some of the games and ways these people lived. Combining history with games and outdoor play is a fantastic way to introduce kids to foreign peoples and ideas, in a fun, outdoor environment.

The native skills of the North American Apache Indians are some of the greatest and long standing in the world. One of the activities involves making a Tomahawk – a hugely respected and useful tool for the Apache’s. Introducing the kids to tools like this in a safe and control environment opens their world – they take responsibility for what could be used as a potential weapon. This responsibility allows them to grow and build confidence in themselves and their abilities.

We will immerse ourselves throughout the day in Apache culture playing their games and talking about what it would have been like to live as one of these people!

We will be running Apache Skills Camp at our Parkwood Scout Camp Site on Monday 14th February and Cottesmore School on Friday 18th February.

Want to start your own business and bring these activities to your local community and start a children’s franchise? Enquiry now by emailing harry.neale-smith@theoutdoorsproject.co.uk