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Minecraft v Wildcraft - Christmas Holiday Club // ODP Deeper Dive

With Christmas clubs beginning in Brighton for the first time today we are excited as we build up to Christmas with some special themed days and some old favourites!

This week we are at Lancing Prep in Hove and one of those favourites being featured in the schedule on Friday is Minecraft v Wildcraft. This theme has been mainstay on our activity schedule for a number of reasons as we take a deeper dive into them and this unique theme;

1. At the start of the day the children get into a tribal group that they will be with for the rest of the day as they complete activities which are centred around teamwork and imagination of applying the online video game to the outdoors.

2. Teams will be left to assign different roles throughout the day to their members.

3. Teams are encouraged and rewarded to work co-operatively within their teams.

From Shelter building to element hunts and a real-life creeper this day is one the kids absolutely LOVE and brings the video game to life in the outdoors as they share in the experience with others!

Book on this Friday 17th December via our website.