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Calling all teachers! Looking for a new (Ad)venture?


Like many big life decisions, launching into a new venture can be over-thought or you can talk yourself out of it, because of the ‘unknowns.’ But if you have been hankering after a change then an Outdoors Project Franchise could be the answer.

As a well-established children’s outdoor activity provider, we have eliminated many of the ‘unknowns’ and as a franchisee you will be supported every step of the way, by an experienced and dedicated team.

YOU CAN DO IT!! We have 3 teachers, leaving the indoors classroom and joining our tribe this February 1/2 Term.    Three teachers from different parts of the country but who all share the same passion and love working with kids.  They now are building their own Children's Activities business allowing them to set their own goals and ambitions while having a hugely positive impact on their community.

A fresh approach to childcare. Fresh air. Fresh activities. Fresh attitude.

- Outdoors activity clubs for children have never been more popular. We have seen huge growth and demand over the last few years as parents are keen for their children to spend less time in front of a screen. This has become even more apparent during COVID-19. As an Outdoors Project franchisee you can be a part of this growth.

- The Outdoors Project encourages young people to get outdoors more often with immersive and exciting activities. We're all about inspiring children to love nature and giving them space to run free and get active in the fresh air. Fun is the main ingredient and kids return home happy and exhausted!

- Each franchise may have a different business model.  We offer a variety of income streams;  Holiday clubs, After School Clubs, Birthday parties, Saplings Parent & Toddler Groups and School Workshops. Our clubs have something for every type of child - every day is different to keep the kids enthused and entertained enjoying the outdoors. Club themes are always being dreamt up and include: Campfire Cookout, Nerf Wars,  Minecraft vs Wildcraft, Harry Potter Day, Mandalorian Nerf, Roald Dahl Day, Bushcraft  & so much more.

- The business can run in cities, towns or in the countryside. Low cost, low overheads, quick start up.

- We have a whole programme in place ready hold new franchisee’s hands through the process; finding venues, recruiting staff, planning, launching and delivering clubs, website & online booking system and everything else you need to launch and run a profitable business.

- The franchise offers the opportunity to have a flexible lifestyle creating a positive environment in your local community whilst having a lot of FUN.

When asked about the benefits of franchising Rob, our West Sussex Franchisee, said;
“My top one without a doubt is having autonomy with what we do, but the support structure there when you need it. So, I looked at becoming a franchisee rather than starting a business completely from scratch, which would have been a little bit scary going into something which wasn’t tried and tested.
I knew as long as I followed the example that Brighton had already set; I could make a success out of it. That was really kind of odd, comforting, I guess, rather than taking a complete step into the unknown and trying to build something of my own from scratch.”

Is your area available?  What can you earn?  How much does it cost?   Can you visit a club in action?  How does it work, what does a franchise offer? need help with finance and business planning?

Below is our simple 5 step franchisee recruiting process from where you can go from just an initial enquiry to launching YOUR business THIS YEAR!