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New Holiday Club Site - Sefton Park School


The days are getting longer, brighter and even a little bit warmer. This means one thing… Spring is here and summer is on its way! For some of you, this means starting to plan some amazing summer activities for the kids. For others, you may be thinking of organising child care for the upcoming long school holidays. Don’t worry, we have you covered!


Here at The Outdoors Project, we are all about getting kids outside, having fun and learning new skills. At our holiday clubs, we can really get stuck into our most immersive and exciting activities. Kids leave with smiley faces and amazing memories giving you the peace of mind that you can be at work and confident your child is having a great time.


On that note, we want to take the opportunity to shout about our newest holiday club site – Sefton Park School. We have been working with Sefton Park School for over 10 years now and have watched their school grow into the incredible space that they have created for their students today. From building new play equipment, making herb gardens, creating space for livestock where the students learn to look after the animals, to Scrapstore Play Pods, Sefton really does have a wonderful site. We are lucky enough to run 2 busy after school clubs there every Wednesday through term time. During the holidays, we have access to the entire outside space at Sefton Park which is now our second holiday club site alongside Horfield Common.


Over the last couple years, Sefton Park has worked with some great Bristol organisations such as Street Goat, Scrap Store and Touchwood. Street Goat is a company who run community projects where local people learn to care for goats in urban areas. They help increase access to sustainable and healthy living and turn overgrown urban land into luscious spaces. If you have lived in Bristol for some time, you would have heard about the Scrapstore. The Children’s Scrapstore are a charity dedicated to helping businesses divert reusable waste away from landfill to help improve art and play opportunities for the community. They have a large warehouse full of varied, colourful and abundant scrap materials fantastic for creative play. We and many other organisations, schools and clubs all heavily rely on the Scrapstore for resources. Our staff love taking the monthly  trip down to the Scrapstore to see what crazy and exciting things we can pick up to include in our activities. Last but not least, we have to mention Touchwood. Touchwood create bespoke, natural playgrounds that inspire and engage children. Every playground they create is unique using the customer’s ideas. 


Sefton Park School really is a wonderful site. In the summer and early autumn you can spot Jays and Woodpeckers in the large pine trees and naughty squirrels trying to eat our lunch leftovers around the campfire spot. There is a perfect balance of green space, play equipment and game facilitates which helps us bring our activities to life. 


You can head over to our Instagram or facebook page to check out some of the brilliant pictures that our staff have taken over the past holiday clubs at Sefton Park School. Or even better, book on to a holiday club with us and see the magic for yourself.