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Outdoors Ambassador Awards Autumn Term 2020

Every term two of our members are chosen to win "The Outdoors Project Ambassadors Award" in each afterschool club. 

We hold an awards ceremony, winners receive a special golden patch and a certificate for their efforts!  

It’s a lovely time to recognised by your leader and group for special efforts over the term. A muddy high five from us! 


Here’s why our ambassasdors won this term:

Ben has been awarded for his excellent and imaginative storytelling and the huge level of enthusiasm he has shown all term.

Nysha has been awarded for her bravery in overcoming her shyness and reluctance. So great to see her finally giving things a go!

Anna has been awarded because of her excellent behaviour and politeness. Huge smiles every session !

Kiran has been part of the club for a number of terms and since returning in year 5 has really shown a good attitude to getting involved with activities and working well with others. He's happy to be part of a team or do an activity by himself without fuss, demonstrating a confident and resilient character developing. Well done Kiran keep up the good work!

Charlie's been with the club a number of years and his behaviour towards other members and adult instructors has hugely improved. He's shows a lot more thought towards others, is a team player, involves himself in the activities, is helpful to instructors when needed and is good fun to be around. Well done Charlie well deserved

Joel is polite, kind towards others and hugely enthusiastic for all things Outdoors Project! He is always happy to share with others and demonstrates strong teamwork when we're engaging in team activities. Well deserved Joel keep up the great attitude! 

Mabel is quick to listen and follow instructions without hesitation. She always has helpful questions and thoughts to share with the group, is polite and thoughtful towards others. She works really well in a team or by herself and overall is a great member of the group. Well done Mabel! 

Jack is well deserved of recognition for always bringing a positive attitude to the club. He is enthusiastic to join in with activities and offers help in a constructive and responsible way. I've witnessed Jack offer to help out other other members of all different ages, who he often didn't know at our holiday clubs and I'd have no hesitation in asking him to take on a responsible role such as cooking over the fire. He's a team player and works well in groups or by himself. Well done Jack!

Rapehel is also well deserved of recognition for his positive attitude at the clubs. He accepts extra responsibility quickly and is happy to offer out help without being asked. He approaches tasks in a sensible and intelligent manner, works well within a team or by himself. He is resilient and deals with all types of situations well and gets involved in activities quickly, having fun whilst doing so. Well done Rapehel!  

George is enthusiastic and has a great attitude! He gets involved in all activities straight away and plays really well with others or by himself. He's great at listening to instructors and demonstrates all the qualities of kindness towards others and politeness in clubs. Well done George!

Summer has a really positive energy she brings to clubs. She is polite, great at listening and kind towards others. She plays well with others or by herself and has fun doing so! Well done Summer!

Lilija is thoughtful and kind to others, and is always enthusiastic and willing to join in. She'll give any activity a go. She is a brilliant listener and a great example to the rest of the group. Well done Lilija!

Harley is a great listener, and concentrates brilliantly. He's always kind to the rest of the group, and never sits out of an activity. Well done Harley!

Ella is fantastic. She is sensible and often quiet but enjoys the activities and jumps into them with gusto and enthusiasm. Congratulations Ella!

Lyra is a natural leader and always helps to set the tone of the group. She's grown up and listens amazingly, but is also full of fun and silliness! Well done Lyra!

Shanice shows persistence, a fresh attitude and gets stuck in to all of the activities

Lanna shows persistence, a fresh attitude and gets stuck in to all of the activities

Rafferty is a multiple winner, he shows how much he's learnt without being over confident and conitnues to be helpful and kind towards others. 

Congratulations to our members across our afterschool clubs in Brighton & Hove. Remember those who didn’t win this term, don’t worry we’re always sure to give out praise where it’s noticed and good luck for the coming term.  
"My Son loves this club so much. He comes home bright and switched on! The staff are consistently brilliant and this has become a major part of his childhood. Thanks to all at ODP!" Katie E