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Spring Term in After School Clubs Brighton

With the Covid-19 situation and schools shutting down we have been unable to run any afterschool clubs but in time we hope to be up and running again, having fun and playing outdoors after the school day!

Here's a little round up of the final week in afterschool clubs before lockdown to give a little snapshot of what was happening at clubs during the Spring Term. 


During term we run a different activity every week alongside favourite energetic games the kids love and often request. We've chosen some of our favourites to talk about below. 

Freestanding Catapult Build was a hit this term! Kids work in small groups following instructions on how to build a captapult strong enough to fire a soft ball at some orange targets. We talked a little about the history of the catpult and how the ancient greeks, romans and chinese milatary might of used such an invention then proceeded to give it a go. The kids had great fun using teamwork, learning about some basic build materials, practising tragectories and employing logic skills to work out how to hit their targets! 


Eco Pot Making & Bug Hunts

With Spring approaching it was the perfect time to work on our gardening skills, making little eco plant pots together out of newspaper and planting basil seeds. Once our seeds were planted we grabbed our magnifying glasses & bug ID sheets. We set to work studying and identifying many of the insects and invertibrates that ihabit our playgrounds and local green spaces. Kids are curious about nature and we love to encourage that discovery & fascination in all that lives around us. 


Glowstick Manhunt

Some of our clubs run later in the day such as Lancing Prepatory College and during the start of the term with daylight hours being limited we had the chance to play quite a few night time games! Here's us gathered round the fire having a sing a long just before heading into the field and playing a game of glow in the dark manhunt! All of the kids have the opportunity to hide and on the countdown, the instructors are released to try and find and catch as many as possible! Energetic green exercise, learning awareness of your surroundings in low light and all round good fun!


Nature Ninja Patches

During Spring term we released our Nature Ninja patch! All club members earn points throughout their time at the clubs and when they reach 10 points they can trade them in for a unique and collectable Outdoors Project patch, exciting stuff! All our members eagerly awaited the moment they could trade in and earn their patches. More on our patches & rewards can be found here.

Expedition Survival Dash

A popular activity this term was the survival kit dash! As a group we discussed what an expedition is, who an expedition leader might be and what important survival equipment and knowledge you might need. All sorts of great and hilarious suggestions came up! Its always great fun hearing what the kids priorities are when it comes to going on an adventure. We settled on the basics such as food, shelter, first aid and navigation tools. Then we divided the group into teams, elected an expedition leader and laid out a bunch of different equipment hidden from view. Some essential survival gear and some downright ridiculous such as a rubber duck or peppa the pig! We span the spinner and whatever scenario it landed on such as "arctic" the kids had to think about what equipment they might need and then dash to grab one essential item from the pile. Once the race was over we had time to reflect on why we'd chosen our item and what its use might be or if you just panicked and grabbed the rubber duck!! 

That's just a snapshot of some of the activities we've enjoyed in our clubs in Spring term, with plenty more fun and outdoors madness that ocurred! We can't wait to start up again; to play all new games and activties, encouraging the interest and fun of being outdoors for children. We look forward to seeing you all out there soon! "If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good." Dr Suess

Parent quote of the week: 

"The Outdoor Projects afternoon club was the favorite after school activity for my boys. The loved all the innovative game ideas and could not get enough of the club. There is never a dull moment if Outdoor Project is around!" Laura K