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What Actually Goes On At Clubs?

Parents often wonder how we keep kids entertained for a whole day without any tech (?!?!)

'Wildcraft vs Minecraft' day is a top staff pick as well as being one of our most popular days with the kids.

Ella, group leader, tells us about the day & her role:

"I always feel energised at work - I feel like I’m able to give the kids a space where they can have fun, feel safe, & be heard, among friends. I love Minecraft day; the children make a camp, create teams, build shelters, & trade tools & equipment. You can see the imagination & creativity build as the day goes on. They’re always proud of the den/base/home they've built & all the little creative elements they've added: ‘No entry’ signs on chalk & wood... secret doors, gates & fences, tools made out of sticks/string/clay that they get super attached to".

"The children love explaining what they're doing. It’s so sweet to see how attached they feel to their creations, their new team mates & their new ‘home’.

It’s rewarding to know that whenever their interest or imagination dips, the team can spark ideas & keep them engaged with being creative & playing".

"It’s amusing to see the pretend politics & disagreements arise between the villages (they’ll start mingling with the other groups & shelters, & there are always kids that get invested in conversations about stealing/trading). It's cool to be able to support them in those conversations & disagreements, & help them learn how to deal with friendships, new people & new scenarios. It's a balance taking their concerns seriously, treating them with respect whilst also encouraging them to focus on the fun to be had".

"The creativity & imagination that goes into the session plans for the activities we do, combined with the energy from the instructors & kids is what makes the days special. The simplicity of some of the activities allows children to take the lead e.g. ‘World Stick Championships’ - a simple/nature-based idea becomes something magical!"