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Making plans for the summer in Brighton

Planning a summer of fun!

The idea of working from home with the kids versus the reality of working from home are two different things ...Endless snack requests, restless children who need to burn off steam outdoors & the added parental guilt of kids watching TV all day or gaming with friends doesn’t make for the ideal solution for anyone.

We get it!

Full-time childcare isn’t needed or feasible for many parents, but kids do need to get out, hang out with people of their own age & burn off energy, & we can help with that. Our mission is to provide the most fun outdoor activities in a safe and engaging environment where kids can be kids, make new friends, learn new skills & experience the great outdoors. + Parents can get their work done or have a much-needed break for themselves during the long holidays.

Despite having upped capacity, we are fully booked on a few days. Do grab a place soon if you're planning to send your little 'uns this summer.

Coming up (not a screen in sight!)

TIME: 9am - 3pm
LOCATION: Lancing College Prep (Hove), The Droveway, BN3 6LU
Thu 20 - Harry Potter Day (sold out)
Fri 21 - Percy Jackson Day (spaces available)

LOCATION: Lancing College Prep (Hove), The Droveway, BN3 6LU
Mon 24 - Desert Island Survival (spaces available)
Tue 25 - Tug of War, Whitting & Stick Competition (spaces available)
Wed 26 - Survive Jurassic Island (last few spaces)
Thu 27 - Cave Painting & Stone Age Games (spaces available)
Fri 28 - Wildcraft vs Minecraft (spaces available)
LOCATION: Cottesmore St Mary's (Hove), The Upper Drive, BN3 6NB
Mon 24 - Volcanoes, Rockets & Slime (sold out)
Tue 25 - Harry Potter Day (sold out)
Wed 26 - Super Mario Day (sold out)
Thu 27 - Percy Jackson Day (spaces available)
Fri 28 - Water Day (spaces available)