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If not now, then when?

If not now, then when? 2020 will go down in history as the year that no one could have predicted. Although this has brought uncertainty, it has also presented new opportunities and highlighted where you might want to make changes in your current lifestyle and situation.

Like many big life decisions, launching into a new venture can be over-thought or you can talk yourself out of it, because of the ‘unknowns.’ But if you have been hankering after a change then an Outdoors Project Franchise could be the answer.

As a well-established children’s outdoor activity provider, we have eliminated many of the ‘unknowns’ and as a franchisee you will be supported every step of the way, by an experienced and dedicated team.

What’s holding you back? If you have long nurtured a dream of running your own business, franchising is a great option as there is less of a ‘going it alone’ element and you will be using a tried and tested franchise model. To understand whether The Outdoors Project franchise is a good fit for you, it will really help to think about what your skills and experience are. Our franchisees come from different backgrounds, but all share a love of the outdoors, adventure and enthusiasm for getting children engaged in nature and outdoor activities. Some lacked confidence initially with the working with children element (despite being parents themselves) but have shadowed existing leaders and got the first few sessions under their belt; the rewards and satisfaction of seeing the children so enthused now stand out as one of the highlights of the job. The HQ team take the time to ensure you receive full training and set-up advice. All we ask of you is a commitment and dedication of time to make your franchise a success.

Will you make it work financially? If concern about the economic climate is a worry for you then we have some reassurances for you. Kids activity clubs have never been so popular and continue to be a growth sector. Our franchisees regularly have sell out holiday clubs and after school clubs, because our model provides year round childcare provision outdoors. We also run school workshops, ensuring that there are a number of varied revenue generators throughout the year.

So, even though this year has been exceptional in terms of not being able to run during lockdowns, our clubs are quickly back up and running when restriction ease, within government guidelines, because all of our activities are outside. We think this gives The Outdoors Project the edge over other children’s activity providers. We are not reliant on indoor venues or sharing space with other clubs.

In terms of achievable income, this is down to you. Our model is scalable dependent on your commitments. We estimate that turnover can range from £60K to £220K depending on individual ambition and growth.

So, what are you waiting for?  Becoming an Outdoors Project franchisee will enable you to achieve that dream of having your own business, but with the infrastructure and support of an experienced HQ team when needed. Contact us to start your franchising adventure with us.

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