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Best Children's Business in Sussex 2024! - Muddy Stilettos

It's official - we are the Best Children's Business in Sussex as voted for by Muddy Stilettos in 2024! 


The votes are in. The people have spoken. We have once again taken our title of Best Children's Business in Sussex, as voted for by the prestigious Muddy Stilettos.

A massive well done to the fantastic Sussex teams - Brighton & Hove, Mid Sussex & Lewes, West Sussex, and Chichester. All have made a great impact on the local scene in showing kids that there is more to life than what's happening on our screens, in getting stuck into some good old fashioned outdoor play, encouraging the benefits of being outdoors, & understanding the world around us.

It's such an honour to have been presented with the award. Muddy Stilettos is a fantastic resource for finding out the best stuff going on in the area - not just for children's activities. You can check out their website here: https://sussex.muddystilettos.co.uk (they're not paying us, we genuinely love their stuff!).

Thanks for your support, as always - we wouldn't be here without you guys, the grown-ups of our little adventurers.

The Outdoors Project HQ

Muddy Stiletto's Awards 2024 - Best Children's Business in Sussex - The Outdoors Project