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Nature Detectives - Fun Stuff to Do!

Hey kids, let's be Nature Detectives this week! We call this the "Egg Box Scavenger Challenge". Follow our guide below and see if you can find all the things on the list during your walk! 


- Egg Boxes (Take a big one or a couple with you to fit more items in) 

The challenge is to find all the items on the list below small enough to fit into the egg tray!

Natural items only and we have a saying at The Outdoors Project "No Pick, No Lick" (and no that's not about picking your nose!!) It means please don't pick apart living plants and make sure not to put nature near your mouth.  Always wash your hands after this activity. 


- A good Nature detective looks for clues in the wild and questions what they find! 

- Can you identify what you find? If not then think about taking it home or drawing it and finding out! 

- Look for clues that might lead you to your item. Birds nesting may lead to fallen feathers or the base of certain trees may lead to seeds.

- Create your own scavenger hunt! We'd love to hear your ideas!