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Mini Worlds - Fun Stuff to Do


Mini World 
Hey kids, in this week's activity we're going to create our own miniature worlds! This is a great activity to get creative and build whatever you like using natural resources. I've made an island inhabited by a large volcano set to erupt! What will be in your world? 




- Tray or Plant Pot - Something to contain your world.
- Earth - Your world needs a base which could be all sorts! Compost, Sand, Mud, Grass, Hay & Rice all work well. 

- Nature - Sticks, leaves, flowers, stones etc. 
- Clay, Play Dough, Blue Tac - Things to help stick and mould things. 

- Wool, coloured cloth and other materials to decorate with. 

- Water

- Imagine yourself as a giant creator and everything is miniature to you.

- Now think of your perfect getaway or something you'd like to create - The Beach, The Mountains, Woodland or a new planet? 

- Line your tray with your chosen base (Earth) and pad it down to create a solid floor. 

- Now using your resources get building!

- Your world will need features such as the sea or lakes. You can do this by carving out a hole in your base and filling it with water. Create Dams from sticks to keep the water contained. 

- If your world has mountains or cliffs in you can use large stones to replicate this. 

- Sticks are great for building log cabins, feasting halls, benches, tables etc

- Leaves, foliage and flowers make excellent woodland, hedgerows and mini gardens. 

- Will your world be inhabited by any creatures? Clay is great for crafting people, animals, dinosaurs and other features. 

Take your time to build your world. You could even have multiple worlds that interact with each other! Always ask permission to borrow equipment and send us a photo of what you create!